April 25, 2001

Kindergarten students at Rockbrook Elementary chat with Charlotte Reynolds from the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are discussing information about animal art. The students are using the names of Jan Villotta, Sue Little, Barb Otto, Marla Fries, and Colette DeFrey.



Welcome to eSchool!

Charlotte Reynolds: Colette, at the end of the chat, can you

tell me how many kids participated in the chat?

Jan Villotta: hi

Charlotte Reynolds: Good morning.

Sue Little: howdy

Jan Villotta: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

(Scroll down to Animals, Animals: A Celebration under News and Announcements on The Community Discovered web page and follow the links to see the art images of the animals.)

Sue Little: how d do?

Barb Otto: nice to meet you

Marla Fries: hello

Jan Villotta: hi

Charlotte Reynolds: Hello, do we have more than one class on line?

Sue Little: no

Marla Fries: hi

Charlotte Reynolds: Hi Marla!

Charlotte Reynolds: Whose class are we chatting with first?

Marla Fries: mrs. smith's class

Barb Otto: Mrs. Smiths

Barb Otto: totaly awsome

Charlotte Reynolds: It looks like Mrs Smiths and Mrs Kaufmans classes are together- which artworks should I

be looking at?

Marla Fries: Let's look at Mrs. Smith

Marla Fries: We will begin in a few minutes

Marla Fries: The little ones are coming in now and sitting down

Charlotte Reynolds: But which animals are from her class...Mrs Kaufmans students seem to be included

together with Mrs Smiths

Marla Fries: There are no particular animals selected, It's up to you

Charlotte Reynolds: How did this project work? Did certain students work on certain animals?

Marla Fries: We'll start with a question from our first group

Charlotte Reynolds: Great!

Jan Villotta: where is whyoming?

Charlotte Reynolds: Wyoming is the next state west of Nebraska.

Marla Fries: who makes the statues of the animals

Marla Fries: ???

Charlotte Reynolds: Many different artists create the sculptures at our museum.

Barb Otto: What do ducks do in the water??????

Charlotte Reynolds: Water is a ducks habitat or home, they eat plants, swim around and sleep on the banks of

the river or lakes.

Colette deFrey: Where do lizards live?

Charlotte Reynolds: I would love to talk about some of your artwork, is there a picutre anyone would like to

talk about?

Sue Little: How are animals made?

Charlotte Reynolds: Sorry, lizards live in many different habiatats, trees, deserts, under rocks etc.

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm not sure I understand the question, paintings of animals?

Sue Little: how are real animals made?

Jan Villotta: Look at the horse and tell me what you think.

Charlotte Reynolds: That is a very difficult question, they are made the same way people are made...animals

come from their moms and dads!

Barb Otto: I think it is very good

Charlotte Reynolds: I am looking at the horse picture...I love the trees and the use of different colors of green

on the trees and grass!

Marla Fries: look at the picture of the whale. How does it eat so many fish. In one bite? Do you like the


Barb Otto: How do Butterflys eat?

Jan Villotta: what do u think of the camel?

Marla Fries: go back to the whale

Sue Little: what do u think of the elaphent?

Charlotte Reynolds: I really like how the entire whale is not shown in the picture..by having much of its body

off the page it makes the whaleseem very BIG!

Marla Fries: do you like it

Sue Little: how much do the artists get payed?

Jan Villotta: Charlotte, this is Colette

Jan Villotta: we are bringing in a new group

Jan Villotta: This is going very well

Jan Villotta: Here dome the new kids

Charlotte Reynolds: Looking at the camel, what wonderful choice of color...feels very hot!

Charlotte Reynolds: Great, sorry about the delay in responses!

Barb Otto: We are starting agatn

Charlotte Reynolds: Ready.

Barb Otto: Where do frogs live

Sue Little: what do u think about the giraffes'

Charlotte Reynolds: Frogs live in ponds and lakes.

Sue Little: where do spiders live?

Charlotte Reynolds: Looking at the giraffe, I like how you showed just the necks and heads...wonderful!

Colette deFrey: l

Charlotte Reynolds: Spiders live in many, many places...in our homes, in the forest, desert, mountains

Colette deFrey: how do butterfly grow?

Charlotte Reynolds: a butterfly comes out of a cacoon as a full grown butterfly!

*** look at the bear, see how it eats the fish. What do you like most about the picture? ***

Barb Otto: that is sooo cool

Charlotte Reynolds: who did the butterfly picture? It is lovely.

Marla Fries: i think so too

Charlotte Reynolds: Do we have another question?

Colette deFrey: Clare drew that picture

Charlotte Reynolds: Nice work Clare!

Sue Little: how much do artists get payed?]

Jan Villotta: what do u think of the lizards and eels?

*** what do you like abou the bear w e asked this question before ***

Charlotte Reynolds: Artists get paid different amounts, depending on who well they are known and how much

people like their artwork.

Barb Otto: we think they are greeeeeeeaaaaaaaat

Charlotte Reynolds: Lizards are ok, I dont like eels very much!

Charlotte Reynolds: I love the water plants in the eel picture!

Sue Little: how do artists get started?

Charlotte Reynolds: Different artists get started in different ways, some go to art school to learn how to paint

or sculpt

Colette deFrey: what areas in the ocean does barracudas live ? and do you like the picture of the barracuda?

Jan Villotta: Charlotte, this is Colette again

Charlotte Reynolds: Others just teach themselves, but they all have to practice a lot!

Jan Villotta: We are bringing in a new group of kids

Sue Little: how could we get started in that type of work?

Charlotte Reynolds: Hi Colette,

Marla Fries: we are switching again

Jan Villotta: If you want to finish the barracuda question that is OK

Charlotte Reynolds: I have no idea about barracuda!

Marla Fries: we are getting new sixth graders in all except for Mrs. Fries

Charlotte Reynolds: Oh, I thought I was chatting with Kindergarten students!

Colette deFrey: hh

Sue Little: u r

Colette deFrey: hi

Charlotte Reynolds: Hello

Marla Fries: u are but the sixth graders are typing.

Charlotte Reynolds: Oh, I see.

Charlotte Reynolds: Ready when you are.

Barb Otto: Hello Wyatt made the picture of the bat what do you think of it?

Charlotte Reynolds: Wyatt, I love the orange and pink, what are they?

Barb Otto: Charlotte, we are looking at the Peitz/Campagna pictures now

Charlotte Reynolds: Got it, took me a minute!

Barb Otto: The orange and pink are the trees

*** How do you like the octopus and lion picture??? Those are form Jordan and Caroliyn. ***

Charlotte Reynolds: Very clever!

Charlotte Reynolds: I love the hedgehog!

Jan Villotta: Hy my name Is Austin do you like my porcupine

Charlotte Reynolds: Austin, I love the quills!

Charlotte Reynolds: The sun is very nice as well.

Colette deFrey: Hi, Amy drew an eagle, what do you think of it

Jan Villotta: Thank you

Marla Fries: How do you like the octopus and lion picture??? those are for Jondan and Caroliyn

Charlotte Reynolds: Looking at the eagle.

Marla Fries: from

Charlotte Reynolds: What is the dark box in the background in the eagle picture?

Marla Fries: amy did it

Charlotte Reynolds: Looking at the octopus....

Colette deFrey: Its rocks

Colette deFrey: they are rocks

Charlotte Reynolds: I like how the octopus seems to be coming to the top of the ocean.

Marla Fries: it is by Jordan

Charlotte Reynolds: Got it...nice habitat for an eagle.

Sue Little: What do you think of Tayler's the giraffe in campagna's class

Charlotte Reynolds: Lion,

Marla Fries: thank you

Charlotte Reynolds: I love the colors for the lions!!!!

Charlotte Reynolds: Giraffe, That is one big giraffe!

Marla Fries: it was from Carolyn

Colette deFrey: Dosen't the squirrel look good

Charlotte Reynolds: Nice work Carolyn

Sue Little: It is eating the leaves on the tree

Jan Villotta: My name is Elizabeth do you like my dog? I worked hard on it

Charlotte Reynolds: The squirrel has a very large tail!

Barb Otto: What do you think of Brogan's Peacock?

Sue Little: anew group is coming

Charlotte Reynolds: I can tell you put in a lot of effort!

Sue Little: wazzzup

Marla Fries: Charlotte, this is Colette. A new group is coming in. Why don't you answer the last question about

the peacock

Charlotte Reynolds: Very cool peacock!

Barb Otto: Thank you

Marla Fries: Here is the new group. We'll start in a minute, charlotte!

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm ready for them!

Marla Fries: here they come

Colette deFrey: l

Barb Otto: What do you think of Kimmy's cat?

Charlotte Reynolds: Who did the kangaroo? I love the pink pouch!

Barb Otto: She's not here today

Charlotte Reynolds: Looking at Kimmys cat, I love how you have it stalking the mouse!

Marla Fries: How do you like horse. It was by Alexa.

Charlotte Reynolds: Very nice...good work! I like the overlap with the sun & clouds

Jan Villotta: Hy my name is Eli!I did the Elephant how do they drink the water

Charlotte Reynolds: Eli, nice work...they use their trunk as a cup to get the water to their mouth!

Colette deFrey: How do like the seal that Cole made

Charlotte Reynolds: It looks like it is diving into the water.

Sue Little: T he tiger is sweet! look at it. it was by Noah. Noah says wazzup.

Colette deFrey: thats right

Charlotte Reynolds: I love the tiger's stripes

Barb Otto: Jeremiah made the picture of a porcupine.\

Sue Little: f

Barb Otto: Jeremiah says to look at the teeth

Charlotte Reynolds: It has very fierce looking teeth!

Marla Fries: The snail was by Molly. How do you like it? The pink and grey is part of the shell. The blue is the


Colette deFrey: Look at the snake' tounge

Charlotte Reynolds: Great Shell! Ilike the sun,too.

Jan Villotta: Hi my name is Skylar! What dous the bear use his claws, teath, and tail for

Charlotte Reynolds: Looking at the snake.

Barb Otto: Jeremiah likes the sun on the bear

Charlotte Reynolds: Nice compostition...detailed fork tongue!

Colette deFrey: yeah

Charlotte Reynolds: The bear uses his claws for digging...teeth for eating and the is just there.

Charlotte Reynolds: The sun in the bear picture is great!!

Sue Little: How does the tiger eat animals?

Charlotte Reynolds: It stalks its prey, pounces on them and uses its strong teeth to kill the animal.

Barb Otto: Kimmy says she likes the snail picture, especialy the sun

Marla Fries: Why did you pick your job? Do you like it a lot? What does it include?

Charlotte Reynolds: I picked my job because I like working with students and helping them learn about art.

Charlotte Reynolds: My job includes working with students here at the museum and with groups like yours,


Marla Fries: That is cool. It sounds like fun, your job

Jan Villotta: how did you learn everything you know about animals

Charlotte Reynolds: By reading feild guides and watching animals in nature.

Barb Otto: Thats cool

Colette deFrey: Where do snakes live?

Charlotte Reynolds: Also, by talking to other people who know a lot about animals.

Marla Fries: How did whales get their name? Who named it?

Charlotte Reynolds: Different kinds of snakes live in different places, many live in the desert, some in the

mountains, some even live the the water!

Sue Little: all of the pictures rock.

Colette deFrey: COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte Reynolds: I have no idea how whales were named! Good question!

Marla Fries: we've run out of time!

Barb Otto: Jeremiah and Kimmy say that they want to see your museum

Jan Villotta: how did you get your job in the musium

Barb Otto: Wazzup

Charlotte Reynolds: Thanks very much everyone...some great questions and terrific collages!@

Marla Fries: please finish awnserig the questions.

Charlotte Reynolds: We'd love to have you come visit us here in Jackson Hole!

Marla Fries: Charlotte, this is Colette again

Charlotte Reynolds: Thanks and hope to talk to you another time!

Marla Fries: The sessions are over

Charlotte Reynolds: Hi Colette, any idea how many students we had?

Marla Fries: I told them to send their wating questions for you to answr

Marla Fries: is that OK

Marla Fries: I will give them copies of the chat

Charlotte Reynolds: Yes, that is fine.

Marla Fries: We had approximately 40 kindergarten kids come through on this one!

Marla Fries: Whew!

Marla Fries: The sixth graders were typing which was a great help!

Charlotte Reynolds: That was great! Nice team work

Marla Fries: yes, it was. Thanks so much for doing this!

Marla Fries: The kids loved hearing your comments about their atrt work

Charlotte Reynolds: Are there other questions you wanted me to answer?

Marla Fries: They did these pictures with their 4th grade buddies.

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm glad..there were some wonderful pictures!

Marla Fries: Oh, I think you did all the questions

Marla Fries: So I guess we are ready to go!

Marla Fries: Thanks again, Charlote!

Marla Fries: I'm signing off now!

Charlotte Reynolds: Great. Thank you


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