Selena Mingus' Grand Island Lincoln Elementary Students

eSchool Chat/Web Push with

Charlotte Reynolds, National Museum of Wildlife Art and Brad Bates, Fontenelle Forest Association

February 8, 2000

Welcome to eSchool!

Colette deFrey:

Colette deFrey:

Selena Mingus: Good Morning! I am here getting set-up.

Selena Mingus: I will have a group of 1st grade from 9:15-10:00

Selena Mingus: Then a group of 2nd grade 10:10-10:45.

Selena Mingus: Is Charlotte online?

Robin Davis: That sounds great, Selena. This is Colette, but I am under the name of Robin.

Robin Davis: Charlotte is not here yet Here she comes!

Robin Davis: Brad Bates the naturalist is online. His name is Colette de Frey. If you'd like to start

with him, go ahead

Charlotte Reynolds: Ponteir Sackrey and I are here.

Robin Davis: Who wants to start the first queestion?

Robin Davis: I think I'll push the kids' website

Robin Davis:

Charlotte Reynolds: Are the kids on-line yet?

Robin Davis: Scroll down and click on WHooo Are You? site

Robin Davis: The kids should be arriving at any minute. Did you all get to the kids' website?

Charlotte Reynolds: Yes, we are looking at it now.

Colette deFrey: Brad:Yes I Have..

Robin Davis: Brad, I want you to meet Charlotte Reynolds from the NMWA in Jackson!

Charlotte Reynolds: Good morning Brad.

Colette deFrey: Brad: Hi Charlotte How are you today?

Selena Mingus: Hi Charlotte! The kids are arriving in T-Minus 5 min.

Robin Davis: Charlotte, did the owl images get on the NMWA site?

Charlotte Reynolds: Yes, there are 2 images on our web site.

Robin Davis: GREAT!!!

Selena Mingus: We are here with our journals & questions. Who is first?

Robin Davis: Go ahead with a question and we'll see who answers

Selena Mingus: Q#1: Where do owls go during the day?

Charlotte Reynolds: Brad, Maybe you should take that one.

Robin Davis: he is typing as we speak!

Colette deFrey: Brad: Most Owls during the day find a place to sleep or Roost in a tree, there are a

few owls that actually hunt during the day like a snowy owl and a short-eared owl.

Robin Davis: do we have a picture of either of those? Or did the kids make a snowly owl mask or

short eared mask?

Selena Mingus: Q#2 Why are owls different colors?

Robin Davis: Brad knows this one!

Charlotte Reynolds: I believe the owl images we have are of a long-eared and a Great horned owl.

Colette deFrey: Brad: Owls are different colors to help them blend in with the world around them,

Snowy owls are white because they live in snowy areas...

Colette deFrey: Brad: the great horned owl lives in forests so their color looks like tree bark!

Robin Davis: Do the kids know the fancy word for colors that blend in with the background?

Selena Mingus: Q#3:What pictures of owls does the museum have?

Robin Davis: Charlotte, can you show us a great horned owl?

Charlotte Reynolds: Do I just type in our web address to push you our web site?

Selena Mingus: We haven't talked about camouflage yet

Robin Davis: yes, type it in

Charlotte Reynolds:

Charlotte Reynolds: Let me tyr again!

Charlotte Reynolds:

Robin Davis: where do we go?

Robin Davis: Where do we find that image on your website?

Charlotte Reynolds: Did it work? I have the owls up on my screen.

Robin Davis: Charlotte, you have to tell all of us how you got there.

Robin Davis: Brad and I found the Eagle Owl and Young woodcut

Charlotte Reynolds: Go to

Robin Davis: Selena - have you found it?

Charlotte Reynolds: Then go to Collections Click on image search and click on birds

Charlotte Reynolds: Brad, scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on "Next 4"

Robin Davis: Now I see Owla and Pine, a lithograph

Selena Mingus: OK

Colette deFrey: Brad:The beautiful woodcarving of the Eagle owl looks very similar to a great

horned owl

Selena Mingus: "Owls are amazing" by Hector

Charlotte Reynolds: Thats the one I was a Great horned

Colette deFrey: Brad: Does anybody know what great horned owls eat?

Selena Mingus: "What is the owl doing in Hainard's picture?" Eduardo

Robin Davis: if you click on that picture, it will become larger!

Colette deFrey: Brad: It looks like the two owls are resting in a tree...

Robin Davis: Brad is looking at another image.

Robin Davis: The one you are referring to is the one of the mother with her little ones, right?

Selena Mingus: Yes

Charlotte Reynolds: Brad, that is the Wegenroth. The Hainard just depicts a mom and her owlets

Robin Davis: Is that red thing in her claw food she has killed?

Colette deFrey: Brad: often times the girl owls are larger than the boy owls, refering to the two owls

by stow wegenroth

Colette deFrey: Brad: Can anyone call like a great horned owl?

Charlotte Reynolds: It very well may be but the image is dark and hard to know for sure.

Robin Davis: When do the babies get those big eyebrows like the mother?

Charlotte Reynolds: Brad?

Colette deFrey: Brad:After the babies lose their fluffy white down feathers...

Colette deFrey: Brad: The adult feathers grow in after a few months....

Selena Mingus: "What kind of a painting is "Eagle Owl and Young"? by Jesus

Charlotte Reynolds: It is a wood cut engraving.

Charlotte Reynolds: Have the students done any print making?

Selena Mingus: No

Colette deFrey: Brad:What other types of owls have the students been?

Charlotte Reynolds: What about scratch board?

Selena Mingus: "What kind of owl is in the Lithograph by Wegenroth" by Jesus

Selena Mingus: What is scratch board?

Charlotte Reynolds: Where you scratch off black paint to show colors underneath.

Selena Mingus: Oh Yea! I think we might have some.

Colette deFrey: Brad: It is tough to tell for me, but they are either Great horned owls or possibly the

smaller Screech owl

Robin Davis: Let's look at the kids' masks, too! Maybe Brad and Charlotte can comment on them.

Charlotte Reynolds: That process is a little like engravings

Selena Mingus: YEA! YEA!!

Charlotte Reynolds: Great idea! Can you push that page to us?

Robin Davis:

Robin Davis: Scroll down to WHOOO are you!

Robin Davis: clikck and it will take you there!

Robin Davis: Everyone find it?

Selena Mingus: YES!

Charlotte Reynolds: The masks are coming up!

Robin Davis: Now click on MODELLING OWL MASKS

Robin Davis: Here are the kids modeling the masks. The photos are numbered.

Colette deFrey: Brad: I really like the owl masks Ear Tufts and Camouflage colors!!!

Robin Davis: What are these masks made of?

Charlotte Reynolds: Did everyone do realistic masks or did anyone use other colors to decorate

their masks?

Robin Davis: would the kids like to comment on their masks?

Robin Davis: I think we lost Selena and the kids!

Robin Davis: Selena - are you there?

Robin Davis: Charlotte - are you there?

Charlotte Reynolds: I am still here.

Colette deFrey: Brad: I am still here.

Robin Davis: Selena- Are you there?

Colette deFrey: Brad: Charlotte have you ever painted with feathers?

Robin Davis: we just got a phone call from Selena and Tom is talking her back into the conversation!

Charlotte Reynolds: No, could create some interesting results!

Colette deFrey: Brad: to say the least, it makes for some neat patterns...

Charlotte Reynolds: I got bumped out yesterday during my test run.

Tom Albertsen: Selena is going to re-log into eSchool. One of those little technical problems! :o)

Robin Davis: Patience is a virtue, right?

Charlotte Reynolds: Still hanging in there.

Tom Albertsen: Hello, Selena!?

Robin Davis: Selena - are youback?

Selena Mingus: Yes

Robin Davis: YAY

Colette deFrey: Brad: What were the owl masks made from and what did you use to decorate them?

Selena Mingus: Please Push the CD page again

Robin Davis:

Robin Davis: go to OWL MASKS

Selena Mingus: We made our masks out of Oak Tag by Jaime

Charlotte Reynolds: Did everyone do realistic masks? Did anyone use other colors?

Selena Mingus: "We use turkey feathers to paint our masks" by Hecor

Charlotte Reynolds: We have an artist in our collection, John Nieto, that does animal images but

uses bright, imaginative colors!

Selena Mingus: "we used black, brown, white" by Francisco

Colette deFrey: Brad: Black Brown and White are the most common colors of owls!

Selena Mingus: Mr Davis "What do owls eat?

Robin Davis: Was it hard to act like an owl when you performed the song?

Charlotte Reynolds: Just for fun, you might want to make other masks using imaginative colors!

Might be fun to compare the two masks.

Selena Mingus: "Yes, it was easy because we know how to act like them"

Colette deFrey: Brad: Most Owls eat small animals like mice, smaller owls will eat insects and birds

while larger owls will eat snakes and even skunks!!!

Charlotte Reynolds: Did you act out different kinds owls?

Selena Mingus: Mr. Davis "How many years have you been working at the zoo?

Selena Mingus: Ms. Charlotte "How many years have you been working at the museum?

Charlotte Reynolds: I have been working at the museum for 3 years.

Colette deFrey: Brad: I work at a Nature Center called Fontenelle Forest. I have worked there for 5

and 1/2 years

Selena Mingus: Mr Davis "Do owls come from eggs?

Colette deFrey: Brad: Like all other birds owls are born from eggs, yes!

Selena Mingus: Mr Davis "How do owls protect their babies?

Selena Mingus: This is the last Quest. until next group

Robin Davis: OK

Colette deFrey: Brad:The parents of baby owls take turns protecting the nest while the other hunts

for dinner.

Selena Mingus: YEA ! Thank you! Yea! Fun!

Robin Davis: Goodbye, first group! You had great questions!

Charlotte Reynolds: Good job on your masks, hope you keep learning about animals through art!

Colette deFrey: Brad:Thanks for taking an interest in Owls!

Robin Davis: Selena- when do we resume the chat with the 2nd graders?

Selena Mingus: In 3 min

Robin Davis: OK, we'll take a breather!



Welcome to eSchool!

Robin Davis: OOPS! we all got kicked out. But that page is awesome!

Colette deFrey: Brad: The pictures on this site are great!

Tom Albertsen: We appear to have had an applet/java error kick us out of eSchool.

Robin Davis: hi, Selena

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm back too!

Selena Mingus: We are back! I pushed the page and we quit

Robin Davis: do the kids have some questions? We all loved that website till it kicked us out!

Selena Mingus: Anyway, we liked looking at the owls and hearing the sounds.

Colette deFrey: Brad: What was your favorite owl!

Selena Mingus: Yes, that is one of our questions as well

Colette deFrey: Brad: I really like the barred owl because of its call "who cooks for you!"

Robin Davis: So I guess that all owls do not say "whooo"?

Selena Mingus: HA! HA! We like it too

Selena Mingus: Mr. Davis "Why do owls have big eyes?

Colette deFrey: Brad: Some owls screech, some owls trill but the great horned owl HOOTS!

Colette deFrey: Brad: Owls have big eyes so that they can see more light at night!

Robin Davis: Charlotte - do you have any good images of owls you could show us?

Charlotte Reynolds:

Selena Mingus: Yes, "Do you have any owl masks?" Cindy

Colette deFrey: Brad: If the students had owl eyes they would be the size of tennis balls

Charlotte Reynolds: Go to the Collections page, clikc on images search, then click on birds

Charlotte Reynolds: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on search!

Selena Mingus: Some say cool I would like to have owl eyes. Some say no they don

Selena Mingus: t want owl eyes

Charlotte Reynolds: We have 2 images of owls, but no masks!

Colette deFrey: Brad: If you had owl eyes they would not be able to move in your head..

Colette deFrey: Brad: If you wanted to see around you would have to turn your head!

Charlotte Reynolds: Did you find the owl images on our site?

Selena Mingus: Ms. Charlotte "Do you like owls?" Cindy

Robin Davis: yes, I see the one by Robert Hainard

Selena Mingus: Yes

Charlotte Reynolds: I do, I don't know that much about them. I'm learning a lot this morning!

Robin Davis: Do owls eat veggies?

Charlotte Reynolds: To see the 2nd image scroll to the bottom of the page and click next four

Colette deFrey: Brad: Owls are predators and only eat other animals...

Selena Mingus: We are looking at he the Lithograph by Wegenroth

Selena Mingus: It it pretty by Maria

Charlotte Reynolds: Do the kids know HOW owls catch their food?

Selena Mingus: No How

Selena Mingus: "They fly and attack them." by Ricky\

Colette deFrey: Brad: He is right!

Selena Mingus: This reminds us of our song

Charlotte Reynolds: Look at the feet of Hainard owl...does the artsit give you any clues?

Charlotte Reynolds: Who did you perform your song for?

Selena Mingus: Mr Davis "What are the owls feet called?

Robin Davis: I wish we could hear you sing your song! Why don't you tape it and send it to us and we'll add it

to the website.

Selena Mingus: We will tape it.

Colette deFrey: Brad: The feet of owls are called Talons!

Colette deFrey: Brad: they are strong enough to catch and kill a rabbit or skunk...

Selena Mingus: the talons are sharp and have big nails

Charlotte Reynolds: Do you see the talons in the Hainard image? You can click on the image to make it larger.

Robin Davis: do they attack people?

Selena Mingus: Yes!

Selena Mingus: We are scetching the owl

Colette deFrey: Brad: Owls will only try to scare away a person if they are getting to close to its nest

Selena Mingus: Mr. Davis "Do owls have a nose?" By Maria

Charlotte Reynolds: Did you find the owl image by Wegenroth?

Colette deFrey: Brad: Good Question!

Colette deFrey: Brad: Owls have noses, but they do not smell very well...

Colette deFrey: Brad: that is why they can eat skunks!

Colette deFrey: Brad: Imagine an owls breath after eating a skunk

Selena Mingus: Oh The "Snowy Owl" is more beautiful!

Colette deFrey: Brad: Snowy owls are born white with brown spots!

Selena Mingus: OOOOHH!

Robin Davis: I'll bet after eating skunks the owl would need a breath mint

Colette deFrey: Brad: The older the snowy owl gets the whiter its feathers get!

Selena Mingus: Ms. Charlotte "How big is the Wegenroth "Snowy Owl"?

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm not sure of the image dimensions. Let me check.

Selena Mingus: Mr. Davis "What are the colors of the owls?

Colette deFrey: Brad: In real life the Snowy Owl is about 23 inches tall

Charlotte Reynolds: Brad, what kind of owl is the Wegenroth. I was thinking it was a great horned owl.

Colette deFrey: Brad: Owls are typically browns, grays and blacks!

Selena Mingus: Ms. Charlotte "What is the size of the painting by Wegenroth "Snowy Owl"?

Colette deFrey: Brad: The pair inthe tree by Wegenroth are most likley Great Horned Owls

Charlotte Reynolds: Good question. I am trying to find out. We should list that on the web site.

Robin Davis: You know, you could videotape your performance and try putting that up on the website!

Selena Mingus: Mr. Davis "Do you have any owls at your work?

Colette deFrey: Brad: Yes, We have two owls at the Nature Center

Colette deFrey: Brad: Both owls are injured so they can not be released into the wild

Colette deFrey: Brad: One is a screech owl and the other is a barred owl

Colette deFrey: Brad: Outside in the forest we also have great-horned owls

Selena Mingus: Mr Davis "How did you know the owls were hurt?

Charlotte Reynolds: I will have to e-mail you the image size of the Wegenroth later. The person I need to ask

is not in her office right now.

Selena Mingus: That is OK Ms Charlotte

Robin Davis: which of the owl pictures at the Museum do the kids like the best?

Colette deFrey: Brad: the Owls came to use from the Raptor Recovery Center which is a hospital for injured

Birds of Prey

Colette deFrey: Brad: If the birds can not be released into the wild, then they need to find homes like Nature

Centers to live

Charlotte Reynolds: Did the kids want to talk about their masks?

Selena Mingus: Our students like the Hainard "eagle Owl and Young" the best

Charlotte Reynolds: What do they like? The color, the subject?

Selena Mingus: Yes!

Robin Davis:

Selena Mingus: W e made owl masks

Colette deFrey: Brad: I see the pictures of you and your masks, they look great!

Robin Davis: Here's the website, you know where to click to get in

Charlotte Reynolds: What kind of research did the students do prior to making their masks?

Selena Mingus: We looked up info. about what owls look like and sound like

Selena Mingus: We looked at different colors and used feathers to paint

Robin Davis: Why don't we look at some! Go to MODELING OWL MASKS

Selena Mingus: We combined white, browm, black together

Selena Mingus: We are there

Selena Mingus: We cut out an owl head shape

Robin Davis: Picture #4 has a couple of interesting masks. What kind of owls are they?

Charlotte Reynolds: Did you get to see any owls in real life? That is a very important part of creating artwork...

Selena Mingus: Painted the maks and added string on both sides

Charlotte Reynolds: knowing a lot about your subject!

Selena Mingus: "Owl girls" by Maria

Selena Mingus: That is your answer to your question Ms. Charlotte

Colette deFrey: Brad: I understand you used turkey feathers to paint your masks, Some turkey feathers look

just like owl feathers.

Charlotte Reynolds: What a great idea, using feathers to paint with! I have never tried that.

Selena Mingus: WOW

Selena Mingus: Mr. Mingus found the feather at her farm

Selena Mingus: Thank you for telling us everyting about owls by Maria

Colette deFrey: Brad: You might be able to make wings also!

Selena Mingus: Ms. Charlotte I like owls too. I liked the owls at the musuem

Robin Davis: To whom did you perform your song?

Charlotte Reynolds: Glad you were able to see these artowrks!

Selena Mingus: We are signing off in 2 min,

Selena Mingus: Ms. Charlotte thanks for being nice. by Ricky

Charlotte Reynolds: Good job everyone! Hope you continue to learn about wildlife by looking at and doing art!

Colette deFrey: Brad: I hope you had a good time learning about art and owls!

Selena Mingus: Ms Charlotte thanks for showing us the owl pictures. by Jose

Charlotte Reynolds: I just got word that we just put up a 3rd owl image if you want to take a look at it sometime!

Selena Mingus: Mr. Davis thank you for telling about owls. by Oscar

Selena Mingus: OK thanks!

Colette deFrey: Brad: It was fun talking with everyone!

Charlotte Reynolds: Thanks everyone. NMWA signing off!

Robin Davis: Thanks to EVERYONE who participated.

Selena Mingus: Can we ask you about more animals sometime? (Mr Davis

Colette deFrey: Have a good day or good night if your an owl!

Colette deFrey: Brad: Yes any animal would be fine

Selena Mingus: Thank you so much! It was so fun!

Robin Davis: Just tell Mrs. Mingus when you are ready to do this again, and we'll get it going!

Robin Davis: BYE!!!!

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