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6th Grade Students of Barb Otto

Rockbrook Elementary, Omaha, NE


Mitch and Brian from the Nebraska Theater Caravan's "Ice Wolf"


Students are using Barb Otto's eSchool account. Mitch and Brian from "Ice Wolf" are using Colette de Frey's. They are discussing the play.


Barb Otto: Duh, Hello...I hope that is the last call...but you know me!!! I will go get my kids now and we'll be

back to chat!

Barb Otto: We're back. Here's the first question...what is the message that you want kids to get from the

show the most?

colette defrey: to be accepting of everyone and to celebrate the differences.

Barb Otto: Why did you present this play? What kind of audience were you trying to attract?

Barb Otto: What was your greatest struggle during the play?

colette defrey: We did the play because of the message of acceptance, and it is important to know that we are

all good and bad.

colette defrey: The audience is one that needs to know that even though you may feel different, we are really

all the same.

colette defrey: Our greatest struggle was to become all of these characters with so few actors. That is from

the technical side.

Barb Otto: How did you find out about this play and get to audition for it?

colette defrey: Another great struggle was coming to terms with what these characters were doing to each

other, and to themselves.

Barb Otto: Which actor/actress are we talking to?

colette defrey: The play was chosen by the Caravan and came with two others that the company does.

colette defrey: We audition all over the country.

Barb Otto: Was it your choice to have just a few actors?

colette defrey: This is Mitch, the man with two masks.

Barb Otto: Do you have any questions that you want to ask us as an audience?

colette defrey: That was the choice of the company management, we only needed a few actors for the


colette defrey: What about the show did you like the most?

Barb Otto: Of course, the guy with two masks!!!

Barb Otto: We also liked the spirit of the woods, especially the costume.

colette defrey: Was it ever confusing to you that I was two people?

Barb Otto: No, because the inflection in your voice changed.

colette defrey: Or anyone else who played many different people?

Barb Otto: Sometimes it was confusing (for some), but it kept you concentrating to keep the actors parts


colette defrey: It was a bit confusing for us in rehearsal as well!

colette defrey: Did you understand why we chose this play? Did you get the message?

Barb Otto: How did you decide to use the racks for part of the scenery?

colette defrey: What do you mean by "racks?"

Barb Otto: Yes! This same message is on TV shows, a novel we just read JULIE OF THE WOLVES, and

ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOPLHINS>. The racks are what the costumes were hanging on at the beginning of

the play.

colette defrey: They were designed to hold the parkas at the top of the show. Then we changed how the show

started and kept them.

Barb Otto: Was there anything that you wanted to change or that you didn't like? If you did it again, what

would you change?

Barb Otto: What are you the most proud of ?

colette defrey: Add more music, so there would be more than just vocal sounds.

colette defrey: Change some of the movement patterns of the actors, the scene where the villagers throw her

out of the villge.

Barb Otto: Was it hard playing the tambourine and keeping the beat?

colette defrey: Work harder to make each character more identifiable, through use of names of movements.

Barb Otto: It's always nice to hear what actors think about their performance.

colette defrey: Playing the tambourine and keeping the beat was difficult. It was fun to play it loud!

Barb Otto: Did you like the scenery and did you think it was big enough?

colette defrey: We are proud of the message and that people understood it.

Barb Otto: Did you do any further research to better prepare for the acting parts?

colette defrey: I did like the scernery, the paintings were beautiful.

colette defrey: Hi..this is Brian. I was Atata, Motomiak, and the Caribou

Barb Otto: Did you create your own scenery, or was there a crew that did it?

Barb Otto: Are you the tall guy with deep voice?

colette defrey: I studied the study guide and also went to the zoo to discover how animals similar to Caribou

would move.

colette defrey: I'm the tallest, youngest one.

Barb Otto: Did you enjoy that part? You have an interesting voice.

colette defrey: The scenery was built by a technical crew at the playhouse.

Barb Otto: Were the parts chosen by the actors or were they assigned to them?

colette defrey: I really enjoyed playing all of the parts. Motomiak was my favorite even though he was mean.

Barb Otto: Have you ever presented this same message in another play?

colette defrey: Our parts were assigned to us.

Barb Otto: Was there another part that you'd like to play if you did this play again?

colette defrey: I think that I have done several plays that deal with acceptance as part of the message, but

not as important as this one.

colette defrey: I would like to play Tarto. I think there is a great deal of depth to him. Why does he turn on

Anatou? It would be fun to answer that question.

colette defrey: Aaron...who played Tarto feel that Tarto doesn't turn on her. He is probably right since he

knows more about the role than I do.

Barb Otto: What would you say to aspiring actors or actress to follow their dreams

colette defrey: I was told when I was your age..."If there is anything else you would rather it."

However, there is nothing I would rather do.

Barb Otto: Who are you closest to in your caravan?

colette defrey: I think that anyone can acheive their goals. If your goal is to be on Broadway and you acheive

that when you are 90 years old, you still acheive your goal.

colette defrey: I feel that Colleen and I have similar goals and ways to approach them so, that makes us

close. Also she was my Juliet, so I had to get close to her.

Barb Otto: Thank you for taking your time to talk to us! We have got to go. Good luck on your acting career!

Barb Otto: buhbye

colette defrey: Thanks. Mitch says bye as well....

colette defrey: BYE


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