eSchool Chat

6th Grade Students of Molly Watson

Fullerton Elementary, Omaha, NE


Colleen from the Nebraska Theater Caravan's "Ice Wolf"


Students are using Molly Watson's eSchool account. Colleen from "Ice Wolf" is using Ron Abdouch's. They are discussing the the character Anatou.


Ron Abdouch: hello

Ron Abdouch:

Steve Bross: Hi Ron, is this you that is on, or a Caravan person?

Ron Abdouch: Hi! It's actually me, Colleen Crawford - a CAravan person

Steve Bross: I have had Linda on here at OCP. She is fascinated with what is going on. I thought about

coming out with you, but thought since I could log on at the playhouse I would stay here. Duwain wants to

see what is going on too.

Ron Abdouch: okay

Steve Bross: Molly, are you on yet?

Steve Bross: Hi Colleen! This is Linda back at the Playhouse--you awake?

Molly Watson: Yes, our class is ready to ask our first question.

Steve Bross: Go for it!

Ron Abdouch: HI Molly! Go ahead

Molly Watson: Hi, my name is Ashley and i wanted to knowhow did the play relate to you as a person

Ron Abdouch: Hi Ashley! I realted very strongly to the play as a person. I know I've had my fair share of not

fitting in - especially as a kid.

Molly Watson: very interesting some of us thought the same

Molly Watson: Is it nerve wrecking or sometimes embaressing to act

Ron Abdouch: I think that if you scratch the surface - most people can relate to those feelings at some level,

don't you?

Ron Abdouch: Oh - yes sometimes it 's neve-wracking but, I'm used to it. I enjoy the nerveousness of theatre.

Molly Watson: Yes we wrote some poems about this we'll push them to you

Ron Abdouch: I saw them - they are absolutely incredible!

Molly Watson:

Ron Abdouch: Yes, I've got them on my screen right now!

Molly Watson: Hi! This is Logan. How long does it take you to remember your lines?


Molly Watson: How many plays have you been in and what's your favorite?

Ron Abdouch: oops - I accidentally hit CAPS LOCk!

Molly Watson: That's alright.

Ron Abdouch: I've probably been in about 60 plays in my life. My favorites are Pygmalion by George Bernanrd

Shaw & The Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge

Steve Bross: Are you folks going to show the Caravan your web pages?

Molly Watson: Yes we'll look at the poems now.

Molly Watson: Hi this is Cassie

Ron Abdouch: Hi Cassie!

Steve Bross: All you do is type in the web address.

Molly Watson: Would you please read my poem

Steve Bross: who are you?

Ron Abdouch: YEs - Just a ses Cassie

Molly Watson: I'm a sixth grader at Fullerton

Steve Bross: No, I mean who wants his poem read?

Molly Watson: Cassie

Ron Abdouch: It's a wonderful poem, Cassie. I'm glad you wanted Anatou to be herself. Besides. with her fair

skin she could get skin cancer!

Molly Watson: thanks for the reply heres Joe

Ron Abdouch: Hi Joe!

Steve Bross: Can you push your website again Miss Watson? I haven't got it yet.

Molly Watson: Hi i'm joe! If you star in a movie/play with any actor/actress who would it be? why?

Ron Abdouch: I would love to work with Meryl Streep - I would love to be challenged to meet her at that high


Molly Watson: thank you here's Danyelle.

Ron Abdouch: Hi Danyelle!

Steve Bross: Hello Danyelle.

Molly Watson: In the play was it hard working with all boys?

Ron Abdouch: It was fun - I have four brothers, so I'm used to boys!

Molly Watson: Why didnt Anatou stick up for herself in the play?

Ron Abdouch: Good question! She didn't have a whole lot of support. But, I think she tried to stick up for

herself as much as she could. Once she felt betrayed by Tarto and her parents were gone, I think she felt

hopeless and just did the only thing she could think of - she escaped.

Molly Watson: Thanks for devoting your time to answering our questions. We wish we could stay and talk

more about the poems, but nmwe have to go to math.

Ron Abdouch: Thank you! It was a lot of fun!

Ron Abdouch: Oh - and thank you for the incredible poems!

Molly Watson: Signing off from Fullerton! Thanks you!

Steve Bross: Have you ever been in a situation were you were the only one who thought something was

wrong, and all of your freinds thought it was right? It is hard to fight everyone.

Ron Abdouch: Yes it is!


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