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6th Grade Students of Deb Harkliss

Lexington Middle School, Lexington, NE


Brian, Grant, and Mitch from the Nebraska Theater Caravan's "Romeo and Juliet" and "Ice Wolf".


Students are using Deb Harkliss' eSchool account. Brian, Grant, and Mitch from the Nebraska Theater Caravan are using Robin Davis'. They are discussing the characters of Romeo, the nurse andTybalt.


Tahnee Nowak: This is Tom at Loveland El in Omaha. Hi, Mrs. Harkless!

Robin Davis: The actors are getting ready. We'll start at 10

Deb Harkless: Hi Tom!

Robin Davis: Hi...this is Brian Whisenant. I played Romeo in R and J and will be talking to you at 10

along with Grant Morenz who played the Nurse.

Robin Davis: and he also played Tybalt.

Deb Harkless: Hi, we are here and ready to talk

Robin Davis: OK...ask us a question.

Deb Harkless: How long did it take to learn your lines

Robin Davis: We started learning our lines in August and would have to study our scripts at home.

Kind of like homework. Probably 3 weeks.

Deb Harkless: Was it hard to talk Shakesphere

Robin Davis: It needs a certain amount of enunciation and control so sometimes if the

Robin Davis: show was early we would have to warm up so it does take work.

Deb Harkless: Grant, was it hard to swich roles?

Robin Davis: Yes it was one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do

Robin Davis: in theatre I had to change clothes twelve times and since I was playing two extremely

Robin Davis: different roles I had to die as tybalt and then change clothes and mourn my own death

Robin Davis: as the nurse

Deb Harkless: you were funny as the nurse so serios as tybal=we were amazed!

Robin Davis: Thank you so much it means a lot to be appreciated for your work

Deb Harkless: brian-was it hard to kiss colleen so many times?

Robin Davis: Well...

Robin Davis: The kiss is just like any other part of the play for me. When I am on stage I am doing my

best to portray Romeo.

Robin Davis: He is COMPLETELY in love with her, so kissing is no problem.

Robin Davis: Also...Colleen is a beautiful woman, so...there you go.

Deb Harkless: Well it looked real. 3rd periodhas to go 4th is coming Bye

Robin Davis: Thanks that means I was doing my job. BYE 3RD PERIOD!!!

Deb Harkless: This is Mrs. H--take a 4 minute break!

Robin Davis: ok...

Deb Harkless: Hi, 4th period talking. There is about 20 kids huddle around one computer(;

Robin Davis: that's okay I'm grant morenz

Robin Davis: and I played the nurse , tybalt and friar john ask away!

Deb Harkless: We read your earlier answers. How many towns have you traveled to?

Robin Davis: In nebraska we have gone to about 25 cites and a couple in south dakota and kansas

Deb Harkless: was it hot on stage in both plays?

Robin Davis: Yes the energy that it takes for both plays will make you sweat and with

Robin Davis: these two plays if youre are not sweating you are probably not doing your job

Deb Harkless: Did you help design your own costume?

Robin Davis: No that was done by designers as the omaha community playhouse

Robin Davis: and I think they did a great job so much that I am buying some of my wordrobe from

Robin Davis: Romeo and Juliet

Deb Harkless: it was interesting that the costumes were so modern

Robin Davis: Yes that was a choice that was made to make the play more accessible to younger

audiences we wanted the students to relate to the people in the play seeing

Steve Bross: I am joining in late. Is anyone still asking questions here?

Deb Harkless: Are you keeping the dress?!!!!

Robin Davis: that in the story romeo is fourteeen and Juliet twelve.

Robin Davis: No I am not but what a hoot it was to wear

Deb Harkless: Well the dress really made us laugh. is Romeo there?

Robin Davis: Any other questions

Robin Davis: Yes I can get him

Robin Davis: HI...this is Brian...aka Romeo

Deb Harkless: Brian, were the knifes real?

Robin Davis: It was a real knife; however, it was dulled for safety.

Deb Harkless: were you afraid you would stab someone

Robin Davis: Once I did put a hole in Grant's shirt. Safety and concentration is very important, but

being afraid causes mistakes. It is a fine line.

Deb Harkless: where does all the rehearsing happen

Robin Davis: We rehearsed at the Omaha Community Playhouse. That is where the set was built

and where the Caravan office is.

Robin Davis: They have several different rehearsal areas.

Deb Harkless: what happens if you forget a line?

Robin Davis: Funny that you say that.

Robin Davis: Yesterday, I completely blanked in the marriage scene and couldn't think of anything

to say, so I motioned for Colleen to enter early.

Robin Davis: We usually cover for each other, but sometimes things like that happen.

Deb Harkless: How did you come up with the set and metal sounds, it reminded us of STOMP.

Robin Davis: That was the concept. The director wanted to show the strife and conflict of the piece

from the very beginning.

Robin Davis: In the complete production, there is a major fight that we condensed.

Robin Davis: Did you feel the conflict?

Deb Harkless: yes

Robin Davis: cool.

Deb Harkless: ...!

Deb Harkless: We have some questions about Ice Wolf now.

Robin Davis: OK...who would you like to talk to?:

Deb Harkless: anyone

Robin Davis: ok...ask away.

Deb Harkless: Why did you choose Ice Wolf?

Robin Davis: we didnot coose this play our

Robin Davis: company did

Robin Davis: but it has important leesons we all can learn from

Deb Harkless: Did you like playing animals?

Robin Davis: yes i played the beaver, he;s cool

Robin Davis: my name is aaron and i played tarto

Deb Harkless: Who was the man who played the villagers? He wasn't in the newspaper

Robin Davis: mitch fuller

Deb Harkless: oh, Mercutio's there?!

Robin Davis: yes im here whats uppp

Deb Harkless: We noticed you sang a modern song in an old time play.

Robin Davis: yes tell me why by the backstreet boys

Robin Davis: would tou like to know why

Deb Harkless: This is about Ice Wolf. How did it feel to be the only friend of Anatou?

Deb Harkless: yes, sure

Robin Davis: i was cool i belive tarto is the hero of the play

Robin Davis: I sang the backstreet boys to make r& j more modern]

Deb Harkless: we have much anxiety we can't wait to ask questions

Robin Davis: let me do my best to answer them

Deb Harkless: Did you help set up the settings for the plays

Robin Davis: yes back on our fall tour, of neb. my job was to help

Robin Davis: set up the set

Deb Harkless: it's none of our business..but we're dying to know...are Brian and Colleen and item

Robin Davis: no they are not

Robin Davis: just freinds

Deb Harkless: the Ice Wolf play has an ermine in the script and not a carabou, why the change

Robin Davis: It was an easier to people to relate to I guess, I'm not sure

Robin Davis: besides its a cool mask

Deb Harkless: last question... What have you learned about teamwork during your time with the


Robin Davis: that your teammate needs are just as important as your own.

Deb Harkless: Thanks we enjoyed talking with you... 4th period signing out bye

Robin Davis: Have a great day see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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