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6th Grade Students of Tahnee Nowak

Loveland Elementary, Omaha, NE


Aaron from the Nebraska Theater Caravan's "Ice Wolf"


Students are using Jenni Hansen's eSchool account. Aaron from "Ice Wolf" is using Tom Albertsen's. They are discussing perspectives.


Jenni Hansen:

Jenni Hansen: Loveland is ready to the Ice Wof evetn!

Jenni Hansen: oops! Ice Wolf event!!

Tom Albertsen: Hi, from the CD office. We are getting ready here! The actors are here.

Tom Albertsen: We will start at 10

Jenni Hansen: Melissa: Is anyone there

Jenni Hansen: Melissa: We will have questions about Perspectives

Jenni Hansen:

Tom Albertsen: Good morning class1 My name is Aaron, and I play Tarto.

Jenni Hansen: Hello this is loveland

Jenni Hansen: my name is melissa

Tom Albertsen: Is anyone out there and let's chat!

Jenni Hansen: We will have some questions about Perspectives

Tom Albertsen: hello mellissa, how are you!

Tom Albertsen: Ok let's talk about perspectivers

Jenni Hansen: Melissa: Did anything like this like this really happen

Jenni Hansen: Like the story of ice wolf happen to you

Tom Albertsen: I think if we all experience situations that occr in the Ice wolf everyday

Tom Albertsen: yes I remember, when i was in school, i hads a hard time making freinds

Jenni Hansen: ok next question did you like playing tarto or would you rather play a different charecter

Tom Albertsen: I really love to play tarto, I think he is the hero of the play

Jenni Hansen: Why do you think he is the hero

Tom Albertsen: At the end of the play he says "donn't you see she had no place else to go ,,we chased her

here(inthe forest

Jenni Hansen: Hi Aaron this is Lauren

Jenni Hansen: I have a qustion for you.

Jenni Hansen: How did you get into acting in the first place?

Tom Albertsen: he also stands up for anatou and takes big risks for her by providing her food, and tryig to get

to understand,that she does look different and it is not her falt

Jenni Hansen: Your right that is heroic.

Tom Albertsen: I got into acting when i was in college

Jenni Hansen: Cool!

Jenni Hansen: So we still have a chance to become actors!

Jenni Hansen: With all the people rejecting Anatou why was Tarto willingto give her a chance?

Tom Albertsen: I love to tell stories, i grew up with a famlily that always told stories

Tom Albertsen: Yes you all have a chance to become actors

Tom Albertsen: I think that Tarto is somewhat in love or has a crush on anatou

Jenni Hansen: Oh!

Jenni Hansen: Did you relate with your character at all?

Jenni Hansen: If so how?

Tom Albertsen: Yes! this story really hits home with me , I try to have a good heart like Tarto

Jenni Hansen: Hi! This is Sean

Tom Albertsen: Hi sean

Jenni Hansen: OKay, here comes a question

Tom Albertsen: bring it on dude

Jenni Hansen: If the same thing happened in a village what would you do?

Jenni Hansen: that you lived in

Tom Albertsen: I would stand up for what is right

Jenni Hansen: Thats a good thing!

Tom Albertsen: you bet buddy

Jenni Hansen: When you are on stage do you think about the audience, if you do what do you think about

Tom Albertsen: We all hve value and are special

Jenni Hansen: Do you get stage fright, if so how do you over come it?

Tom Albertsen: I Think wheather ot not they are enjoying the show

Jenni Hansen: How can you tell if they are enjoying it?

Tom Albertsen: I gget stage fright , I try to concentrate on doing my job well

Tom Albertsen: By laughter, and the look on children's faces

Jenni Hansen: What was your favorite charector besides your own

Jenni Hansen: ?

Jenni Hansen: Why

Tom Albertsen: I like Kiviog

Jenni Hansen: Was that the guy that had two faces?

Tom Albertsen: He put the needs of the whle villeage ahead of his own needs

Jenni Hansen: Oh

Tom Albertsen: no he was Tarto's father

Jenni Hansen: AIf you were Anatoue would have run away or deal with the people. Why or why not?

Jenni Hansen: *If

Tom Albertsen: I would of wow this is a hard question, i would have given my best friend

Tom Albertsen: more iof as chance to hwlp0

Tom Albertsen: me

Jenni Hansen: Hi my name is Caitie.

Tom Albertsen: moer of a chance to help me

Tom Albertsen: hello

Jenni Hansen: What could the villagers have done differently to make Anayou feel better?

Tom Albertsen: they, would have treated her mo

Tom Albertsen: more farly

Jenni Hansen: How would you compare Anatou's friend (Tarto) to the village people?

Tom Albertsen: he sees beyond the way she looks

Jenni Hansen: ahh

Tom Albertsen: the villagers should have gotton to know her she's really a

Tom Albertsen: nice person

Jenni Hansen: What else does he see in her besides the way she looks?

Tom Albertsen: she has great respect for her parents she likes to have fun

Tom Albertsen: she enjoys life

Tom Albertsen: she has to overcome alot and she remains good to

Jenni Hansen: Why did Tarto turn against Anatou?

Tom Albertsen: people she wants to know

Tom Albertsen: tarto did not turn

Tom Albertsen: agaist her

Tom Albertsen: he was mis understood

Tom Albertsen: he really

Jenni Hansen: ooops, we were mistaken.

Tom Albertsen: just wanted

Tom Albertsen: to get her tio admit she looks differnt,a

Tom Albertsen: and by doing that she could hve

Tom Albertsen: stayed in the village

Tom Albertsen: and tarto

Jenni Hansen: Thank you, our time is up, we need to go. bye

Tom Albertsen: would have worked to convice that she is good

Tom Albertsen: thank you

Jenni Hansen: That's it okay bye! From Lauren,Melissa, Sean, and Catie

Tom Albertsen: goodbye

Jenni Hansen: This is Tom Albertsen, a technologist with The Community Discovered. Thanks a lot, Aaron!

These kids really gained some insight from a professional actor. Hopefully they realize that it is the moral of

the stories you portray that will help them on their lifes' journeys.

Tom Albertsen: yes thank you fro having me here today


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