Green Chat Room

Fourth grade students at Hillside Elementary School answer questions posted by Kindergarten students at Prairie Lane Elementary School. Hillside students are logged in as Tom Albertsen and Prairie Lane students as Robin Davis.


Robin Davis: Hello!

Tom Albertsen: Hurry up and wait! from Tom

Robin Davis: Colette said Kdg. students are on their way

Tom Albertsen: We are in a holding pattern our selves!

Robin Davis: Incoming ! Kdg at 3 o'clock!

Robin Davis: Emily and Mark are with me now.

Robin Davis: Are you there Tom?

Robin Davis: Hey Tom Emily and Mark say "Wake Up!"

Robin Davis: Emily says "Come on sleepy head! Get up!"

Robin Davis: Ok, Do you need a cup of coffee??????????????????????????????????

Tom Albertsen: Hello we're here

Robin Davis: Oh Good!

Robin Davis: Are you ready for a question?

Tom Albertsen: So what did you want to ask?

Robin Davis: Emily is going to ask a question about the octopus.

Robin Davis: Emily wants to know "why does it have a big head -- does it have a lot of brains to fill it?

Tom Albertsen: Everything is in it intestents a all.

Robin Davis: Wow!

Robin Davis: Mark has the next question

Robin Davis: Why do snails leave a trail of sticky stuff?

Tom Albertsen: I don't think I Know.

Robin Davis: Do you know what the sticky stuff is?

Tom Albertsen: It's just stuff that helps it move around

Robin Davis: Emily wants to know why people call barracuda's a shark.

Robin Davis: What does it mean to be a shark?

Tom Albertsen: Some people say that because it looks like a shark and it has sharp teeth.

Robin Davis: Mark want to know, do Eels shock people?

Tom Albertsen: only electric eels can shock people.

Robin Davis: Emily want to know "Why don't snakes have legs? Did they have them a long time ago?"

Tom Albertsen: I don't Know

Robin Davis: Ok, Do all snakes have fangs?

Tom Albertsen: Sorry, we have to go now, By!

Robin Davis: Bye! Thanks!

Tom Albertsen: Your Welcome!

Tom Albertsen: Whew! Take a break! tom

Tom Albertsen: Linda has gone to get the 11:00 group.

Tom Albertsen: Are we still having fun???

Robin Davis: Hi Tom! We are having fun!

Robin Davis: I have Marissa and Rebecca here with me.

Robin Davis: Do you have any students with you?

Tom Albertsen: We re still waiting! tom

Robin Davis: Marissa and Rebecca want to know who you are

Robin Davis: What school do you go to and how old are you.

Tom Albertsen: Hi, how are you?We are from Mrs . Peitz's class.Any questions?

Tom Albertsen: hello???????

Robin Davis: Yes

Robin Davis: The first question is from Marissa

Tom Albertsen: Which animal would you like first?

Robin Davis: She wants to know Why can't dogs eat chocolate?

Tom Albertsen: It is poison to dogs.

Robin Davis: Oh, that's bad!

Tom Albertsen: What else?

Robin Davis: Rebecca wants to know Are hedgehogs pokey when they are born?

Tom Albertsen: No.

Robin Davis: Marissa wants to know are squirrels born from eggs?

Tom Albertsen: No.

Robin Davis: Rebecca wants to know how do porcupine's work the quills to poke their enemies?

Tom Albertsen: They swing their tails at them.

Robin Davis: Are all snakes poisonous?

Tom Albertsen: Some are.

Robin Davis: Rebecca wants to know what is a bird dog?

Tom Albertsen: Ahunting dog that retrives birds for hunters.

Robin Davis: Marissa and Rebecca want to know how porcupines sleep with all those quills. Do they poke


Tom Albertsen: All the quills point out,they do not poke themselves.

Robin Davis: Cool

Robin Davis: What do hedgehogs eat in the wild?

Tom Albertsen: Yeah

Robin Davis: No, WHAT do they eat?

Tom Albertsen: Small animals,and bugs

Robin Davis: yummy!

Robin Davis: What do squirrels use their big tail for?

Tom Albertsen: yes??????

Tom Albertsen: ???????????

Robin Davis: What do porcupines eat?

Tom Albertsen: bugs

Robin Davis: Ok What are some poisonous snakes?

Tom Albertsen: Cottonmouhts,and rattiers.

Tom Albertsen: we gotta go.

Robin Davis: Why does a hedgehog have spikes and what does it use them for when their enemies aren't


Robin Davis: Ok Thanks!!

Robin Davis: Good bye!

Tom Albertsen: thanks


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