Rosy Conrad's Paddock Elementary Students

Chat/Web Page Push with

Daryle Maciocha, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Welcome to eSchool!


Rosy Conrad: This is Tom testing Rosy's account.

Rosy Conrad: Hey, eBay is back. No hackers today??

Rosy Conrad: Turning over the reins to Rosy!

guest1: Rosy, are you seeing the ebay site in the bottom frame or just the URL on the black


Rosy Conrad: I am seeing the whole page!

guest1: Ok, that's good. The URL is showing up for you, but its not for me, but we can work

around it byusing a second browser window

guest1: So I do think this can work!

Rosy Conrad: We are ready for the kids if you are. Rosy

Colette deFrey: Why don't the kids begin with a question for Daryl?

guest1: OK, why don't we get started? Daryle

Colette deFrey: where are the kids? Rosy - are you there?

guest1: Rosy was just with us a minute ago. Maybe she's rounding up the kids...?

Rosy Conrad: I am Jasmine. here is my question... Do you have any information on his early life

or family? Raymond Johnson

guest1: Hello Jasmine. I'm Daryle. Yes, I do know a bit about Raymond Jonson's early life. He

was born in Iowa in 1891.

Colette deFrey: I see a difference in the spelling of his name. How is it spelled?

guest1: His parents were immigrants from Sweden; his father was a Baptist minister.

Rosy Conrad: Do you have any info about his other pieces of art?

guest1: The more accurate spelling is Jonson, but it does have Johnson as an alternate spelling.

Perhaps that's why yyou couldn't find any info about him!

guest1: As far as his artwork is concerned, what specific questions do you have?

Colette deFrey: how could the kids find more images of his work on the Internet?

guest1: I think maybe the confusion about his name led to some research dead ends on the


Rosy Conrad: Hi. I'm katie. What was his most famious piece of art?

guest1: Hi Katie, I don't think Jonson is known for any one work of art, rather his entire body of


Rosy Conrad: Do you have any images of his work?

guest1: The NMAA has several of his works in our permanent collection. We have three works

available for viewi


Rosy Conrad: Can we see them?

guest1: I just sent a URL for artcyclopedia. follow the link for the National Museum of American

Art to the Raymond Jonson page.

Rosy Conrad: Wow we are impresed!!!!!!!

guest1: Thanks. Its nice to be appreciated :)

Rosy Conrad: We are calling up a site.

guest1: I won't be able to view it. Can you type in the URL without the http beginning?

guest1: I don't want to do ALL your research for you, but there is an excellent bio available on a

site I have bookmarked. If Mrs. Conrad says its OK, I'll send it.

Colette deFrey: I found the Raymond Jonson at the University of Arizona! You can copy and

paste image that into your report.

Rosy Conrad:

Rosy Conrad: Do you see it?

Colette deFrey: Very cool

guest1: The University of Arizona has several of his works, but the University of New Mexico

has the largest selection of his artworks anywhere. He taught college there for many years

and started his own art gallery on campus.

guest1: Hey, that image on Artcyclopedia is one of ours. Cool!

Rosy Conrad: Cool!! Thanks now we are going to send the guys for Bingha\m.


guest1: I just wanted to send that last one. The UofNM is an excellent resource.

Rosy Conrad: hi i i'm Jay

guest1: Hello Jay. I'm Daryle.

Rosy Conrad: What school did Geogre Bingham go to?

guest1: That's a good question. I must admit I'll have to look it up in a book I have here in front

of me.

Colette deFrey: We will be sure to copy the chat so that your students will have record of the

URL's for these great sites! OK?

Rosy Conrad: hi i'm matt and i would like to know if he served in the army?

guest1: Hi Matt. Let me just say first that Bingham did spend some time at the Philadelphia

Academy of Fine Arts

guest1: Bingham was largely self-taught, but visiting the Academy did expose him to some

calssically trained artists and that had a lasting impact on him and his own painting

Rosy Conrad: Did he have any brothers or sisters?

guest1: No, Matt. Bingham did not serve in the military.

Rosy Conrad: do you know of any other sites we should check?

guest1: Yes, Bingham did have siblings. He had 3 sisters and 3 brothers.

guest1: Yes, there are several websites with lots of info on Bingham. I'll send one your way in

just a moment...


guest1: This last one is at the Butler Institute of American Art.


Colette deFrey: What is a genre picture, Daryl?

Rosy Conrad: cool thanks

guest1: This site is a simple list of links to images of Bingham's work that are available on the

net. This is part of Newsweek's web iste

guest1: A genre picture is an image that depicts a particular subject in a particular style, such

as American landscapes. Bingham was obviously keen on l;andscapes

Colette deFrey: any more questions, students?

Rosy Conrad: thnks this is a great site.Do you know if he had any otherjobs before anartist

guest1: Good question! Bingham knew from a very early age he wanted to be an artist.

Rosy Conrad: did his parents want him to be an artist?

guest1: As early as the age of nine he was drawing very seriously. His family owned a farm, so

I guess you could say he was a farmer first.

guest1: Yes, they did encourage his talents after they realized he wasn't going to do much


Rosy Conrad: thanks for all your help but we need to get going now.

guest1: His mother did encourage him to leave Missouri (where the farm was) and travel east to

the big cities to study art.

Colette deFrey: Thanks for all the good questions and Daryl, thank YOU for the wonderful info!

guest1: OK, thanks for chatting with me. I hope I was able to help. If you need more websites,

please let me know!

Colette deFrey: Good luck with your research, Kids!

guest1: Yes, best of luck to you! Bye!

Rosy Conrad: This is Tom. Good work everyone! The kids were very impressed with this

process and the quick response from you, Daryl, (a.k.a. guest1)!

Rosy Conrad: Signing off from Paddock Road Elementary School.

guest1: Glad I could help out. That's the fastest I've typed in a long time!

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