Confernet 2000

An eSchool Chat Dialogue

Sponsored by The Community Discovered

October 27, 2000


Welcome to the virtual chat dialogue between students at Oakdale and Sunset Hills Elementary Schools in Omaha, Nebraska, and Gary Stroutsos, a professional flustist, and Paul Thompson, a Native American flute maker, at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

 ron abdouch: Good morning charlotte

charlotte reynolds: Good Morning. Gary is not here yet! But I'm ready and hoping he arrives soon!

Colette deFrey: Charlotte, this is Colette and I will be the moderator this morning

charlotte reynolds: Colette,

charlotte reynolds: Great

Colette deFrey: I will direct all the questions to Gary so he won't be bombarded

Colette deFrey: We will start with Erik's group at Sunset to ask the first question

Colette deFrey: Then Stephanie at Rockbrook will ask a question

charlotte reynolds: That sounds perfect. Paul Thompson, the other musician will also be here.

Colette deFrey: GREAT!!!!

charlotte reynolds: MAybe Gary & Paul can tag team their responses.

Colette deFrey: Would the teachers at Sunset and Oakdale let the kids know that Paul will be there.

ron abdouch: okaty

Colette deFrey: I like the tag team approach

erik clark: Should we have the kids come to the lab now, or should we wait until Gary and/or Paul show up so the kids aren't sitting around here?

Colette deFrey: Erik, go get the kids!

ron abdouch: Kids are on their way at sunset, we will be ready in just a few minutes

erik clark: the kids are here now

Colette deFrey: Welcome, Gary and Paul, to this eschool event. We are so honored to have you with us today

to chat with our students! Thank you so much!

ron abdouch: I am ready with nick and josh at sunset

erik clark: I am ready with Emily and Kathleen at Sunset

Colette deFrey: Erik's groupat Sunset gets the first question. So why don't you guys get ready!

charlotte reynolds: We are ready on this end.

erik clark: We're ready! Here's our first question: How were flutes used long ago?

charlotte reynolds: The insturment was used as a courtship flute.

Colette deFrey: I know one group wanted to know what "courtship" means

charlotte reynolds: To serenade young woman with a song of love.

Colette deFrey: Great - Stephanie has the next question

Robin Davis: Hi! I'm Stephanie! How did u get interested in making flutes out of natural objects?

charlotte reynolds: The serenade was perfomed by only men.

charlotte reynolds: PAul makes the flutes.

Colette deFrey: can Paul answer that question?

charlotte reynolds: He wanted to play the intrument since the 6th grade, but he was told that because of the

parliysis he could not blow on the flute correctly.

charlotte reynolds: He got angry with being told he could not do he learned how to play a

bamboo flute!

Colette deFrey: What paralysis do you mean? We don't know about that.

charlotte reynolds: Paul has a facial paralysis on half of his face. Affecting how he positions his lips on the


Colette deFrey: Ron, your students have the next question

ron abdouch: Gary, josh and nick would like to know what instruments are you using on the CD?

Colette deFrey: THey listened to the CD WInds of Honor, Gary

charlotte reynolds: Various cedar wood and river cane end blown five and six hole Native American tuned


Colette deFrey: Interesting. Olga, you have the next question

Robin Davis: Hi, I'm Olga. What materials doyou need to make your flutes?

charlotte reynolds: Basic tools include a gouge to make the bore (inside)

charlotte reynolds: then you need a block plane to plane down the wood.

charlotte reynolds: to the desired thickness.

charlotte reynolds: A wood round the wood.

charlotte reynolds: Cut the flute to length for the desired pitch

Colette deFrey: The kids at Sunset are making their own lfutes from bamboo. Erik, does one of your students

have a qeustion about making those flutes?

charlotte reynolds: Burn in the holes using a stainless steel rod.

charlotte reynolds: That is the basic process.

Colette deFrey: Interesting - ERik, do your students have another question?

erik clark: We would like to know how many cd's Gary has made?

charlotte reynolds: Gary has made 10 various native inspired and world flute music.

Colette deFrey: Kelly at Oakdale - I am going to push your flute playing site. Get ready to ask a question!

Colette deFrey:

Colette deFrey: Now click on either Flutist (small file) or Flutist (larger file) to see Kelly's performance.

Tom Albertsen: Hi I am Kelly, do you need a thin lip to play a reed flute?

Colette deFrey: Can everyone see and hear Kelly playing????

charlotte reynolds: No, that has nothing to do with it!

ron abdouch: Yes

Colette deFrey: Kelly do you have a question about your breathing?

charlotte reynolds: You need to open your throat more and push more air...bring up your elbows, to open up.

Colette deFrey: Now for a question from Sunset, Ron's group

ron abdouch: Sue and Erin would like to know what tribe Gary is from?

charlotte reynolds: Gary is not a Native person. Paul is Navajo.

charlotte reynolds: Paul is from New Mexico.

ron abdouch: Erin is omaha tribe!

Colette deFrey: Do the Sunset kids now need to change groups?

erik clark: we are on the second group. we changed during the flute

Colette deFrey: Great! So ERik, your question please

erik clark: Why is it called a male instrument?

charlotte reynolds: Historically, only men played the flute. It was how men communicated with women.

Colette deFrey: Stephanie, you are next. Do yu want to push your page??

Robin Davis: sure.

Colette deFrey:

Colette deFrey: Please scroll down to "Oakdale Invesigates Native American Culture

Robin Davis: Do u believe in the legend of the dream catcher?

Colette deFrey: Then click on it - it will take you to Step;hanie's name. Click on that.

Colette deFrey: You should be able to see her dream catcher that she made and researched

charlotte reynolds: Yes, We have it up.

Colette deFrey: Do Gary and Paul believe in that legend?

charlotte reynolds: Paul says if you believe enough in something then anything is possible.

Colette deFrey: How true! Ron, your next questions from your group.

charlotte reynolds: Gary said that is not a question he can answer, as he is not a Native person.

ron abdouch: Erin and Sue would like to know,"is the bird on the flutes a symbol of something?

charlotte reynolds: We are working on the answer...just a moment.

charlotte reynolds: The bird represents the origin of the first flute as a gift to the people.

ron abdouch: Thanks

Colette deFrey: Olga, you are next. Would you like to show your work?

Robin Davis: Sure, I'd like to show my work. How many octives do your flutes go?

Colette deFrey:

ron abdouch: We have a new group at sunset now

charlotte reynolds: 1 1/2 octives and about 14 notes.

Colette deFrey: To get to Olga's work, go to Oakdale Investiagates Native Am Culture and cllick, then click on

Olga's name

Colette deFrey: Can you see her work?

Colette deFrey: Olga, why dom'

charlotte reynolds: Yes, we are looking at Olga's work.

Colette deFrey: Olg, please explain your work.

Robin Davis: My work has to do with Native American necklaces.

Colette deFrey: Erik, your students are up now!

erik clark: What is the "love" flute?

charlotte reynolds: By not including a made the focus the necklaces,

Robin Davis: correct

charlotte reynolds: A cedar flute used to serenade a woman.

Colette deFrey: Kelly, do you want to show your work? Kelly has designed some flutes of her own.

charlotte reynolds: We are going to Kellys page.

Colette deFrey: clik on the back button at the bottom of Olga's page and then click on Kelly's name.

Tom Albertsen: Sure

charlotte reynolds: We are pulling up the page now.

Colette deFrey: Do Paul or Gary have a question for Kelly about her flute designs?

phyllis uchtman: Kelly, I really like the rabbit's breath flute. The foot/head design is neat

charlotte reynolds: Is it a South American type flute?

Tom Albertsen: Yes

charlotte reynolds: Kelly, where did you come up with a Ghost Dance Flute?

Robin Davis: How long does it take to make a flute?

Tom Albertsen: My teacher was talking about the dance and she said that Gary really felt for these people

who did this dance. So I decided to make a fluteafter the dance.

Colette deFrey: Ron,your group gets the next question.

Ron Abdouch: Garrett and Katherine would like to know,"How are flutes used today?"

charlotte reynolds: Paul makes flutes in sets of 5, and it takes a couple of weeks.

Ron Abdouch: How are flutes used today?

charlotte reynolds: Flutes are used for personal entertainment, recording CDs, performing live and all around


Colette deFrey: Erik, your students are next

Ron Abdouch: Thanks

erik clark: We would like to know if you make your own flutes

charlotte reynolds: Yes, Paul makes the flutes.

Colette deFrey: STephanie - go for it

Robin Davis: Is the mouth piece on the ones you make the same size as regular flutes?

charlotte reynolds: The flutes are end blown, not across like a silver concert flute.

Ron Abdouch: We have new group coming in at sunset. Thanks

Colette deFrey: OK, Ron - your students are next.

Ron Abdouch: Josh and Connor would like know,"How did you make the water sounds on the CD/"

charlotte reynolds: The water sounds come from a Two headed ocean drum

Ron Abdouch: What is an ocean drum?

Tom Albertsen: Can you take your flutes apart?

Colette deFrey: Let's find out first what an ocean drum is. Then we'll get to Olga's question.

Tom Albertsen: I'm sorry ignore that questions

charlotte reynolds: A wood frame with two drum heads on each side, with beebees inside that you sift back

and forth, making it sound like the ocean.

Robin Davis: Can you play regular band music on these flutes?

Ron Abdouch: Thanks

charlotte reynolds: You probably could play very simple tunes on a native flute beCAUSE YOU ONLY HAVE


Colette deFrey: Ok, Erik's group next.

erik clark: When did you start playing?

charlotte reynolds: Gary taught himself the flute in 1973 while in college.

Colette deFrey: Kelly - it's your turn.

Tom Albertsen: How do you you clean them?

charlotte reynolds: You don't.

Colette deFrey: Ron - your students are next.

Ron Abdouch: Do you like to play your flute a lot just for fun?

Tom Albertsen: Why don't you clean your flutes?

charlotte reynolds: Yes, outside in nature.

Ron Abdouch: Thanks

Colette deFrey: why aren't the flutes cleaned?

charlotte reynolds: The flutes do not need to be cleaned. They absorb the moisture.

Colette deFrey: Have all the groups asked a question at Sunset Hills?

Ron Abdouch: yes

erik clark: We have a couple more questions if there is time

Colette deFrey: We have about 3 mins left to chat. Is there any one last question from any of the groups? Go

for it

Robin Davis: How do you transport them around?

charlotte reynolds: In tubes that are made of pvc pipe.

Ron Abdouch: Josh at Sunset said that he is going to start playing the flute becuase of the music he heard on

the CD.

Robin Davis: what's pvc pipes?

erik clark: Austin would like to know if you like playing the flute.

Tom Albertsen: Which song expresses your feelings the most?

charlotte reynolds: Gary thinks that is wonderful. If he needs to get a flute, contact Oregon Flute store in

Eugene OR.

charlotte reynolds: PVC is a heavy plastic. It protects the delicate flute.

Robin Davis: Who are your customers, and do you have many?

Robin Davis: ok

Colette deFrey: Go ahead and answer those last two questions and then we'll need to quit this session.

Ron Abdouch: Gary, Thanks for the advise, Josh.

charlotte reynolds: Gary said "Along the River" from the Winds of Honor cd.

erik clark: Phil asks: We read that drums were the sound of land and whistles were the sound of the sky. Can

you explain this?

charlotte reynolds: Gary does not know who buys his music, but he know that he has sold many and that it is

a growing family.

charlotte reynolds: The drum is the heartbeat of the people. Whistles were used as signal calls.

Colette deFrey: Phil's question will be our last for today. Sorry!

Ron Abdouch: Thanks forf the great chat and we love Cheyenne Eyes!!!!

Robin Davis: k bye! It was nice talking to u!! :o):o)

erik clark: thanks! bye

charlotte reynolds: Thank you!

Colette deFrey: Gary and Paul - Thanks so much. The kids really learned so much from you

Robin Davis: from Olga, Stephanie, and Kelly!:o)

Colette deFrey: This was a GREAT chat!

charlotte reynolds: Thanks, they enjoyed the opportunity to share what has been shared with them over time.

Ron Abdouch: Thanks everyone we are out of here!

charlotte reynolds: Good bye.

Robin Davis: bye :0)

Tom Albertsen: :o) Nice talking to youand thank you for your advice on my flute playing


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