Yellow Chat Room

Fourth grade students at Hillside Elementary School answer questions posted by Kindergarten students at Paddock Road Elementary School. Hillside students are logged in as guest1 and Prairie Lane students as Erik Clark.

 erik clark: Hello, I am here at Paddock Road, but the kids aren't here yet.

erik clark: Is anyone else here? The kids just showed up.

erik clark: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

guest1: hi my name is Jacob , nikki ,tone

erik clark: Hi, this is Creighton and Brandi. Our first question is "How do Octopus go to sleep?"

guest1: I don't know but i can look later

erik clark: Ok. Our next question is Can an octopus eat a killer whale?

guest1: No.

erik clark: Do butterflies eat flowers?

guest1: they

guest1: they eat petals.

guest1: goodbye.

erik clark: Can a butterfly eat a bee?

guest1: No.

erik clark: Ok, goodbye. Thank you.

erik clark: Hello, we are back with a new group of kids. Is anyone there yet?

guest1: My group is here.

guest1: How are you today?

guest1: We're all doing well today.

erik clark: Hi This is Kristin and Kennedy.

guest1: Hi! This is Brandon, Quinn, Nikki, Tone, and Mrs. Peitz.

guest1: Tom is here, too.

guest1: What animal would you like to talk about?

erik clark: What do octopus look like when they grow up?

guest1: When they are young, they are very small, but they just grow up. Look at the picture below. They

have eight legs, three hearts, and a brain that can learn and solve problems.

guest1: Some are red, some are greenish, and some are the color of rust.

erik clark: Why do butterflies fly?

guest1: They fly because they have wings, and they go from flower to flower to gather nectar to drink. They

have to land on the flowers, and slurp the nectar up with their tongues.

guest1: When they're small, and before they build a cocoon, they are caterpillars, and they eat leaves.

erik clark: Why do octopus have eight legs?

guest1: They have eight legs that they use to grab their food and eat it (other animals). They also use their

legs to swim and escape their enemies.

guest1: They were just made with eight legs.

guest1: Eight is also a part of their name. Eight can also be octo.

guest1: We have a couple more minutes, do you have another question?

erik clark: Why do butterflies like to live in trees?

guest1: Butterflies lay their eggs on them. When the eggs hatch, the caterpillars have food to eat. They eat

the leaves. Trees are also camouflage

guest1: for the butterflies.

guest1: Do you have any other questions?

guest1: It is almost time to leave.

erik clark: How long do butterflies live?

guest1: Butterflies live three months.

guest1: Some migrate.

guest1: We need to leave.

guest1: It was wonderful talking to you.

guest1: Have a great day!

guest1: Bye!

guest1: Thanks for the questions!

erik clark: Thank you for talking with us. Good Bye!


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