Classroom Artifacts

Confernet 1999


eSchool Chat Dialogues Now Posted to the Web
Wondering what kind of information exchange is taking place during an eSchool interaction? Go to this site to see full text versions of the chat that has occurred during Confernet 2000 activities since the first of the year. URLs of the pushed web pages are also included.

"Ice Wolf" Poetry by Students of Molly Watson
Click here to read original poetry by 6th grade students of Molly Watson at Fullerton Magnet School, Omaha Public Schools, which was inspired by their viewing of the Nebraska Theater Caravan production "The Ice Wolf".

Identi-trees Bloom in Kindergarten Classrooms
Trees in Nebraska in full bloom, and it's the middle of winter? Yes, "identi-trees" , created by a class of kindergarten students at Loveland Elementary in Westside, are thriving. View the trees, inspired by the works of Latino artist Pepon Osario and the children's book PABLO'S TREE by Pat Mora.

Letters to the Editor
Jane Hill's writing workshops based on the story of the trial of Standing Bear have produced some excellent Letters to the Editor written by CD students, grades 4-12. Visit this website to view these letters for use with your own students. This page can also be utilized in eschool on-line activities dealing with The Trial of Standing Bear.

Masks, Shields, and Place Settings: Investigating the Knights of the Round Table
High school students in Mrs. Vicki Richman's English class at Lexington High School culminated their unit on the Knights of the Round Table by representing these knights and maidens with masks, shields, and dinner place settings (a la Judy Chicago). Visit this website to view their artwork.

The Masks We Wear: Identity and Perspectives
Mrs. Mindy Ulmer's 7th grade Language Arts classes have been studying the concepts of Identity and Perspectives through the opera The Trial of Standing Bear. Visit this site to view the masks the students designed and created as a result of their work with this opera.

Visit this website to find educational resources dealing with mask making! Featured here are not only helpful URL's and text dealing with masks and how to create them, but also curriculum tie-ins developed by CD teachers at the mask making workshops. Also, view the masks made by these teachers! This site is still under construction!

Picture This: Greek Mythology
Take a look at how some of the Greek myths would look if they were illustrated! These drawings were done by 7th graders at Westside Middle School.

Poster Making and "The Ice Wolf"
View posters created by fifth grade students at Rockbrook Elementary School in Omaha, NE, as a response to their attending a performance of "The Ice Wolf".

Whoo-oo-oo Are You?: Discovering Owls Through Mask-Making
The first and second graders of Mrs. Selena Mingus of Lincoln Elementary School in Grand Island, NE, have been discovering the world of owls through the visual and performing arts. Visit this website to view not only the original owl masks which they designed and created, but photos of their performance of "One Wise Owl".