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Units and lessons are to incorporate into existing curriculum the four strands of the grant: arts integration with a DBAE approach, technology integration, constructivist learning theory, and interdisciplinary curriculum.

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Web sites & sources of information to assist participating teachers.

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Special focus on subjects such as Posters, Latino Art, Storytelling, Folk Art, Public Sculpture, and Post Office Murals.

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Read the grant abstract, goals, and other background information.

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View surveys, data, and more from the Evaluation Team.



Unit/Lesson Plans

If you wish to submit a new lesson or modify an existing lesson please contact Erik Clark, eclark@westside66.org, for the web-form addresses.

Five overarching principles of constructivist theory:

  1. Pose problems of emerging relevance
  2. Structure lessons around primary concepts or "big ideas", not facts and skills
  3. Seek and value students' points of view
  4. Adapt curriculum to challenge students' suppositions
  5. Assess student learning in the context of teaching

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What will the students learn?
  • How will the students learn?
  • Did the students learn?
  • How will the teacher document their own growth?
  • What did the teacher learn?

Belief Statements that help define the four pillars

Traits of a Constructivist Teacher


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