An Online Project Plan Sheet

I. The purpose of this project is for students to . . .


II. The Unit Concept (the Big Idea)

III. Rationale for using an Internet project: (why use a telecollaborative Internet project?)

IV. Choose the Activity Structure: (see the Judi Harris model)


V. Project Title:


VI. Partners: (Grades targeted, number of classes/participants, locations, special characteristics, recruiting, posting sites/lists, etc.)

VII. The organizer/contact person for the project's name and address:

VIII. Outcomes: At the end of the project, each class will have . . .

At the end of the project, each student will have . . .

IX. Resources Needed (Telecommunications / Hardware / Software / Other)

X. Directions for joining the project:

XI. A Detailed Timeline for the project, including specific tasks to be completed and all interim deadlines

XII. Detailed, specifically-stated procedures for participation in the project

XIII. A Description of Student Work that the project will generate


XIV. How the project will end, including plans for how project results will be shared with all participants

XV. Assessment / Evaluation (How will the work of the students be assessed? How will the success of the project as a whole be assessed?)


XVI. Explain how this Internet project supports the 4 strands of the Community Discovered Grant:

  • to integrate the arts into the core curriculum
  • to integrate technology into the core curriculum
  • to develop interdisciplinary curricular units
  • to utilize constructivist teaching and learning strategies



XVII. Teacher Reflections / Student Reflections (So how did it go?) - To be filled in before, during and after your project takes place.