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Constructing a Big Picture

Something in the Air by Linda Maston

Poor air quality at an urban school sparks student interest in science. Using inexpensive equipment and an old computer, eighth graders conduct an ingenious environmental investigation.

Penumbra by Greg Lockett

Recently transplanted to a small rural town, a young woman yearns for beauty and truth. Through a sophisticated astronomy project, she finds friendship and new modes of self-expression.

Starting Simply

Tall Shadows by Karen Nishimoto

Over 2000 years ago, Eratosthenes made shadow measurements to determine the circumference of the Earth. Seventh grade students use the Internet to put a new twist on an old experiment.

Pedagogically Speaking by Bill Barnes

What kinds of activities are best for cooperative learning? What student roles should be assigned and how? Through an online class, fourth through eighth grade math teachers explore such questions, sharing insights and experiences.

Hoop Happenings by Caroline Brennan
and Joanna Yantosh

Talking and writing about mathematics can foster deeper understanding but students sometimes balk at explaining their reasoning. Elementary and middle school children share their thinking with college students as they solve math problems via email.

Confessions of a Fourth Grade Newbie by Glenn Lidbeck

What is the magnetism of the Earth in Bathurst, Australia? In Barrow, Alaska? Fourth graders take the lead in a multi-school project to measure the magnetism of the Earth at different locations.

Branching Out

Desert Studies by Susan Hixson

What resources and support do teachers need to feel comfortable using the Internet for instruction? A trio of educators explore such questions and learn about virtual field trips as they team teach a third grade unit on the Sonoran Desert.

Of Wind and Weather by Kristine Mueh

Student investigations of local weather patterns shape a sixth grade teacher's thinking in ways she didn't anticipate. Experimenting with new activities and technologies, she changes her teaching style.

Expeditions to Mount Everest by Rory Wagner

How or why do earthquakes cause tsunamis in some circumstances but not in others? High school students investigate this question, discovering benefits and limitations of using the Internet in project-based science.

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