Important Vocabulary Terms

Be able to define and discuss these terms:

1. Perspective (point of view; the proper relative position of objects or phenomena one perceives)

2. Identity (what a thing or person is; a name, classification, etc.; recognizable individuality; sameness; exact or close likeness)

3. Opinion (a conclusion; a view; a view held by many at once; public opinion; estimation; judgment)

4. Opinionated (obstinate or stubborn in one's opinion)

5. Values System (a philosophically connected whole by which something is deemed useful, desirable, or whorthwhile)

6. Expatriate (one living, as though permanently, away from his/her country)

7. Immigrant (one who settles in a new habitat or country)

8. Habeas corpus (a writ demanding that a prisoner be given an immediate hearing or else released)

9. Wrongful imprisonment (injurious or unlawful confinement)

10. Pro- (in favor of)

11. Con- (against)

12. Position (a point of view, opinion, or attitude)

13. Ward (one under guardianship, especially a minor)

14. Guardian (one responsible for the person or property of another)