NAME ______________________

District _____________________

Subject / Grade Level __________

EMAIL ______________________

Explain how this event fits into your curriculum ___________________




YES! I want to participate in the following "The Trial of Standing Bear" events . . .

______ *Writing Workshop with Jane Hill (Number of students _____ )

*Mask Making Workshop For Teachers

______ In Grand Island (Sat, Oct. 9)

______ In Omaha (Sat, Nov 13

*Attend the Performance

______ In Omaha (Thursday, Nov 4) Number Attending ___

______ In Grand Island (Friday, Nov. 5) Number Attending ___


______ *I'd like ____ copies of the libretto for my students

______ *I'd like to utilize an educational trunk based on the story.


*I'd like my students to take part in:

______ Website creation by students

______ Video conferencing with Ponca and Omaha tribal elders

______ Making a link to Native American music

______ Connect with the composer of the music

______ See a performance of the Winnebago Drum Circle

______ Use art links from the Joslyn and other museums

______ Confernet 2000 activities

______ Chat with performing artists from the opera

______ Chat with cultural and historical experts from the Ponca tribe and other regional native peoples.

______ Using websites and other resources to research the opera's characters or historic events.

______ Connections with students in other CD districts in order to discuss their work (electronically or snail mail)

What other ideas do you have of how you would like your students to become involved in this wonderful learning experience? Write them on the back of this sheet and the CD staff will try to make them happen!

Give this sheet filled out to your site coordinator!