Looking Through the Eyes of the Characters
Review the main points about The Trial of Standing Bear.

How would you feel about the issues of the trial if you were:

*One of Standing Bear's followers?

* A member of the Omaha tribe?

*A rancher hoping to expand your cattle operation along the Niobara River?

*A member of the Sioux tribe?

*A gold miner wanting to "strike it big" in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

*A soldier stationed at Fort Omaha during the time of the trial?

*The pastor's wife at a church helping collect clothes and food for the Ponca held at Fort Omaha?

*An Indian agent responsible for taking the Ponca from Niobrara to the Indian Territory?

*A farmer meeting the group of 30 Ponca (8 men, 7 women, 11 children) as they walked the 500 miles from Oklahoma to Nebraska in February, 1879?

*The editor of a rival paper to the Omaha Daily Herald (which supported the cause of Standing Bear)?

*An Omaha farm equipment dealer?