The Trial of Standing Bear:

Photos from the Workshop Performance

The following photos were taken at the Omaha workshop performance of "The Trial of Standing Bear" at Benson H.S. on Thursday, Nov. 4, 1999.

The Audience Awaits the Performance, While Jane Hill Introduces the Story of Standing Bear.

Benson H.S. actor portrays the spirit of Standing Bear's dead son appearing onstage.

 General Crook Has Bad Dreams About His Dilemma.

General Crook and His Wife Argue About the "Situation"

Mr. Tibbles and General Crook Discuss the Trial

Benson High School Students Perform "Letters to the Editor"

Suzette LaFlesche and Mr. Tibbles Discuss the Case.

Chief Standing Bear Gives His Speech in Court.

Standing Bear Presents His Speech to the Court in the Ponca Language, While Suzette LaFlesche Translates the Speech into English.

Standing Bear Gives His Speech and Suzette LaFlesche Translates, While the Spirit of Standing Bear's Son Lingers in the Background.

Christine Cook Adjusts the Arms of the Giant Puppet "Waxes".

Up Close and Personal With "Waxes".

Another View of "Waxes"

Did Everyone Enjoy the Performance?

These Swanson 4th Graders Sure Did!