Integrating the Arts and Literature

in the Kindergarten Classroom

The kindergarten students of Mrs. Jennifer Hansen and Mrs. Lynda Morton know first-hand that art and literature reflect life.

After reading PABLO'S TREE by Pat Mora, a story of an adopted Spanish boy whose grandpa purchases a tree in Pablo's honor and plants it in his front yard the first time Pablo visits him.

Every year thereafter, Pablo's grandfather decorates the tree in honor of Pablo's birthday with items that are important to Pablo.

The book, which incorporates the Spanish language, was a natural tie-in to the work of Latino artist Pepon Osorio whose artwork is displayed in the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.

In particular, the students studied Osorio's works "La Bicicleta/The Bicycle" and "El Chandelier/the Chandelier", two pieces decorated with objects important to Osorio's life and to his culture. The bicycle and the chadelier are very similar to the tree which is decorated by Pablo's grandfather!

The kindergarteners then started talking about the objects/people in their lives which represent them and that are their favorites. These objects/people were then used to decorate their own trees which they constructed from paper. These trees are their "identi-trees", and they hang in their classrooms.


To view the "identi-trees" of these students and to find out which objects on their trees are the most important to them, click on the links below.

Anyone wanting to do an e-School chat with these students about their "identi-trees" should get in touch with either Colette de Frey or Tom Albertsen at the CD office.

***Mrs. Jennifer Hansen's Students***

***Mrs. Lynda Morton's Students***