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  • You will be given the window that will allow you to create a folder on

    the desktop where you will store your freeze frames. These freeze

    frames will be saved as PICT files, and because there are 36

    increments on the Lazy Susan, you will be taking 36 freeze frames

    resulting in 36 PICT files. Be sure to give this folder a name that you

    will easily recognize. You have just taken your first of 36 PICT files.
  • You have just taken your first of 36 PICT files. Name this file as:

  • Now move the Lazy Susan CLOCKWISE10 degrees (or one mark).

    Again, click on the SAVEbutton on the Control Panel. Name this

    file as:File.02
  • Continue moving the Lazy Susan in 10 degree increments, each time

    clicking on the SAVE button on the Control Panel. Your files will

    be numbered from 01-36 (numbers 01-09 must have the

    zero in front of them).

Create a Linear QT Movie -

Now it's time to take your PICT files and convert them into a linear

quicktime movie

*Launch the application ConvertToMovie 2.0.

  • Find the folder that contains your 36 PICT files, and openthe PICT

    entitled FILE.01.
  • Then go down to your final PICT file, File .36and openthat file.
  • A box with Compression Settingswill appear. The only setting that

    needs to be set is"Key frame every 1frame."Be sure the

    number in the blank is a one (1).
  • Now name the movie and SAVE. The finished linear movie should

    begin to spin. BUT THIS IS NOT YET THE VR MOVIE!
  • QuitConvertToMovie 2.0.