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IMAGE imgs/QTVR_w-video_camera01.gif

PART ONE-The following directions utilize a video camerato
record the images of the object which will be the subject of your
Object VR movie.

IMAGE imgs/QTVR_w-video_camera02.gif


IMAGE imgs/QTVR_w-video_camera03.gif
Computer with video "in" capability
Video camera w / tripod

Lazy Susan


  • Software

    IMAGE imgs/QTVR_w-video_camera04.gif
    Apple QTVR Object VR software (free)
    Apple Video Player

IMAGE imgs/QTVR_w-video_camera05.gif

Preparation -

*Using a protractor, measure off 10 degree increments around

the outer edge of the Lazy Susan with a black marker. Since there are

360 degrees in a circle, you will end up with 36 marks.

  • Set the object you will be viewing in the center of the Lazy

    Susan. You may want to experiment with backgrounds of different

    colors that highlight your object.
  • Now set up the video camera on the tripod, with the camera

    focused on the object that you will be shooting. Do not put a video

    tape into the camera. Turn the camera ON. Make needed

    adjustments to the camera or to the object so that the very best view

    is seen of the object through the viewfinder of the camera.
  • Using a standard RCAAV Coaxial Cable,connect the video

    camera to your video "in" connectionon your computer.