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Taking the Photos -

*You are now ready to take the still shots frames of the object

that will make up the finished QTVR movie.

  • Focus the Mavica camera on the object and when you have the view

    of the object you want, click on the button to take the first of 36

  • Now move the Lazy Susan CLOCKWISE10 degrees (or one mark).

    Again, click on the "take picture"button.
  • Continue moving the Lazy Susan in 10 degree increments, each time

    clicking on the "take picture" button.
  • For a really high quality VR movie, take 36 photos. But for classroom

    use, 9 shots can get the job done and will keep students from getting

  • Preparing the Photos

    Two processes must take place with the Mavica photos before they

    can be used to make an Object VR movie:
  1. Change the Mavica images to PICT files - This is very

    simple to do. Simply install the JPEG Convert to Pictsoftware on your

    computer. Make sure that you move an alias of this software to your

    desktop. Now SELECT ALLof the Mavica photos and drag them on top of

    the JPEG Convert to PICTicon on your desktop. All of your Mavica shots

    will automatically be converted to PICT files.
  1. Change the Name of the Photos - In order for the QTVR

    software to recognize these photos, they need to be renamed.

    The first picture taken must be renamed File.01(all one word). The

    next pictures taken must be renamedFile.02, File.03, etc.,all the way

    up to File.36.

    Once this is accomplished, you are ready to create the linear QT


Create a Linear QT Movie -