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IMAGE imgs/creating_links_of_websit02.gif

LINKING TEXTHighlight the text on your website on which

you want to create a link, and go to the menu under INSERTand pull
down to LINK TO FILE.
A box will appear which asks you to locate the file (or Claris
HomePage document) that you want to link to. It looks like this:

IMAGE imgs/creating_links_of_websit03.gif

LINKING IMAGESYou can also link a graphic on your website

to a file or other page in your website. Just click once on the image to
highlight it, and then go toINSERTand pull down to LINK TO FILE.
Again, the box asking you to locate the appropriate file will come up
(see graphic above). Locate the correct file, and then click on the
OPENbutton. You will now see that on your web page, the text you had
highlighted is now underlined. The link has been made. To double check
on whether or not the link works, go to the browser mode and test it.