Creating a Bit Map Image


A bit map image is an image that appears on a web page that has several places on it on which you can click in order to link to different web pages, sites, etc.


To create a bit map image . . .

1. Insert an image into your web page.

2. Highlight the image (click on it once).

3. Go to the tool bar and click on the OBJECT EDITOR.

4. A box will appear that looks like this:

5. Click on the BEHAVIOR tab and a new box will appear that looks like this:

6. Click on the circle for IMAGE MAP and then click EDIT.


7. This will appear:

You will see the photo on which you want to create several links. Using the tools at the top makes this easy to do.


8. Using either the circular tool or the rectangular tool, create a circle or rectangle on the photo where you want people to click in order to make the link.

Once you have drawn that, a box will pop up asking for the URL or file that you want to link to. Fill in the proper URL or browse for the proper link and then click out. You will see on the graphic the place where the link has been made. If you want to make more links, repeat the above directions.

To test your links, go to the browser mode and try it out. You'll find that your cursor turns into a hand when it hits a working link.

A Bit map image can be effective as a table of contents for your website. It also works well in the creation of maps to show people where to go to find different types of materials.


Just be sure that your bit map images are logically thought-out so that the browser of your website is not confused or maybe misses one of your links!