Tiffany's Poem

What did you do, Anatou?


You changed into a wolf to flee from harm

To not feel the pains of the fellow villagers.

But changes were you from the Spirit of the Woods

Whose kindness allowed you to do so.

You refused the Spirit's commands

To stay in the forest in peace.

You attacked the villagers' homes,

And there you killed, only you.


What have you become, Anatou?


You used to be king and loving

Though the villagers shamed you.

You had pale hair and big blue eyes,

And skin that glistened in the moonlight.

Now you are a wolf, a dangerous one,

Who has killed and taken lives for revenge

With its great, massive paws for lashing,

And its shiny, sharp teeth for tearing.

Then the villagers wanted to tease you, Anatou.

But now they want to kill you.