Mark's Poem

Dark, lonely, and mysterious is the Ice Wolf.

Howling in the night,

Hunting for prey.

Hated and hunted by the hunters.

Hurt by an arrow, you seek revenge.

Thirsty for the blood of the hunter, you kill him.

It was wrong to kill, but you had no choice.

Now all the other forest animals are afraid of you,

And you seek a lonely life.

You venture out of the forest

Only to find the hateful hunters waiting to kill you.

They chase you,

But you are a fierce and fast animal able to avoid them.

You are safe for now,

But you see your only friend as a girl trapped by a rock.

You free him because your heart is pure,

And in return you are shot in the chest by another hunter.

In her dying breath,

Anatou arises again to be a girl --

A spirit.