Christine's Creations:

Masks by Christine Cook

Sun and Moon Stilt Figures by Christine Cook / Dean Bareham

From the performance "Solstice"

Paper mache heads, cloth and rod bodies.

The performers are on stilts!

Tiah Mask by Christine Cook

Made of "found" objects, such as sand, sticks, beach debris, white glue, string, hot glue.

Minotaur Mask by Dean Bareham

Paper mache mask constructed of "found" materials.

Water Dragon Puppet by Christine Cook

From the "Creation Project"

Made from paper mache and cloth. The dragon has a moveable mouth!

Cannibal Moon Mask by Christine Cook

From "Journey of Ten Moons"

Paper Mache

The performer's eyes look through the teeth of the mask.

"Fool Mask and Portrait Bauble" by Dean Bareham

From "An Order of Chaos to Go"

Made from Rubber Latex and Cloth

"The Toad Shaman" Mask by Sam Longbotham

From "Solstice"

Made from Paper Mache.

"Big Mama and the Blue Man" puppets by Cook and Bareham

From "The Idiot and the Odyssey"

Paper Mache heads with wire and cloth bodies on backpack frames.

"The Killer Squirrel" puppet by Christine Cook

From "Journey of Ten Moons"

Made from elk hide scraps, hot glue, with paper mache teeth and eyes!

"Bread Head Masks" by Christine Cook

For "Everybody Loves Dessert"

Made from bread and netting.

"Deer Masks" by Christine Cook

For "The Creation Project"

Paper Mache and Leather