Mask Resources Available From CD

*Masks From Many Cultures -- Video and poster set (See your site coordinator for check-out) -- The 20 min. video includes images of over 100 masks which are combined with sequences of dances and festivals where masks are worn. A special segment shows masks worn at the Mardi Gras and an artist from the Dominican Republic making a festival mask. Among the masks presented are examples from New Guinea, Bali, China, Tibet, Japan, Korea, Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, as well as a variety of masks by North American Indians. Contemporary masks and student masks are shown.

The posters feature:

* The Devil mask from Bolivia

* A Tami Island mask (New Guinea)

* Ekpo Society Mask (Nigeria)

* Tibetan Mask

* Korean Monkey Mask

* Headdress from the Yoruba Tribe (Nigeria)

* Jaguar Mask ( Mexico)

* Sulka Masks (New Guinea)

* Transformation Masks (Kwakiutl tribe)

* Balinese mask

* A Fish mask

* A Music mask


* Article on the Mask Exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum (See your site coordinator OR ask Colette for a copy) with transparencies of the masks featured.


* Searching for Ancient Egypt -- Catalog from the exhibit that was at the Joslyn. (See your site coordinator for a copy). On pages 270-271 and pages 272-273 are featured two Egyptian funerary masks with information about each one.


* Animals in African Art --Catalog from the exhibit that was at the Joslyn (Contact Colette to check out). Lots of wonderful photos and background materials dealing with African masks.