Tyanne's Letter



Dear Editor:


I am an Omaha Indian and I'm 20 years old. I am married and have 1 kid. I do not have a job but I did go to school when I was 7 until last year. I do not belong to a church. Some of my hobbies are bead work and painting. I live on the Indian Reservation where the Poncas

used to live and I have lived there 3 years. I think that the Poncas should go back to the Indian Territory because if they don't they will probably live on our land and we will have no place to go. I also think that if they do go back they need food, water, and clothes just like any other person. I think that they should make a law so that all Indians can be free and go and live wherever they want to and not on Indian Reservations. If we had that law before this whole thing would have never started.



Falling Water