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Units and lessons are to incorporate into existing curriculum the four strands of the grant: arts integration with a DBAE approach, technology integration, constructivist learning theory, and interdisciplinary curriculum.

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Web sites & sources of information to assist participating teachers.

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Special focus on subjects such as Posters, Latino Art, Storytelling, Folk Art, Public Sculpture, and Post Office Murals.

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Read the grant abstract, goals, and other background information.

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View surveys, data, and more from the Evaluation Team.



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11/6/03. Unit Plan Database should be completely functional again.

A United States Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant

The Community Discovered was a five-year project that linked technology and the arts with other subject areas to transform the education of K-12 students. The focus of this project was to develop constructivist curriculum models of engaged student learning using technology and the resources of the Internet. Conducted by Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Nebraska in conjunction with the Grand Island, Lexington, McCartney, Nebraska City, Omaha, Smallfoot and Winnebago Public School Districts and a Consortium of Partner Agencies, The Community Discovered project built upon and extended the impact of the Art and Technology Integration (ATI) Project, conducted by Westside Community Schools and the Grand Island Public Schools. The ATI project received a two-year grant from the Excellence in Education Council, funded by proceeds from the Nebraska State Lottery.

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